Star calendar Year 331, the snow was falling heavily.

Shi Xing’s pale face was wrapped in a thick fluffy collar, as he stepped on the train from Ancheng to the imperial capital.

It was the end of the year, so not many people were on the train. 

Shi Xing chose a corner to sit down, and his cloak covered his thin figure completely.

[News from the Imperial Capital, today, the Prince’s Mansion will hold a grand wedding for Lieutenant General Lu Lu, the youngest son of the prince, Lu Zhong who has spiritual power as a rare SS level with Major General Bi Shu who has S level mental power. 

They are reported to be childhood sweethearts.
This wedding signifies a strong combination of the Prince’s Mansion and the Senate. 

The two newcomers were rated as the most suitable newlyweds in this century by Star Network.
Let’s connect on the front line Reporter at Prince’s Mansion for the latest update…]

In the empty train, the sound of the news broadcast on the light screen was exceptionally clear.

Hearing the news, Shi Xing’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he slowly raised his head. 

His sea-blue eyes reflected the light and shadow of the light screen, and he quietly watched the report about the once-in-a-century wedding.

The prince’s mansion still looked the same as he remembered it, and the guards lined up neatly welcoming the distinguished guests attending the wedding with great momentum.

The frontline reporters were at the main entrance, and the atmosphere was lively with people coming and going.

Subconsciously, Shi Xing glanced around.

There were only two or three passengers on the train, and there was heavy snow outside the window, making the world solemn.

The hustle and bustle on the light screen and the quietness and solitude around Shi Xing were like two different worlds.

A trace of sarcasm came to Shi Xing’s mind, he pulled the corners of his lips, trying to laugh, but he didn’t.

An hour later, the train arrived at the imperial capital.

The voice in the station kept reminding the passengers about the heavy snow today so that the people who go out should prepare their umbrellas.

Shi Xing stood at the exit an

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