Chapter 7: Slave’s Point of View

Maria Stella’s Point of View

I, Maria Stella, was born into a noble family.

However, my parents and younger brother were killed by my uncle and his wife, and I, still a young woman, was sold to a slaver.

My daily life with the promise of a future as a knight, with kind parents and a cute little brother, was destroyed.

I, Maria Stella, was bought by Absolute Ark, the son of the Ark family, to work as a slave and maid.

When I first saw him, I thought he was a very unpleasant child, even though he was about the same age as my dead brother.
I had no idea that he belonged to the Ark family… The Ark family is the head of the aristocrats who are in charge of the gray business in the country of Rainana, and I was told that they are doing some very dirty things behind the scenes.

To be honest, at first I wondered what kind of dirty things they would make me do, but my job was just an ordinary maid.
The senior maid, Mito-san (48 years old), is also very kind and very good to me, so much so that I cannot believe that she belongs to the Ark family.

However, since I am Absolute-sama, or master’s slave, I spend comparatively more time with him.
Only that time was painful.
I didn’t want to burn myself to take care of someone I detested, but since I was his slave, I couldn’t go against him, so I had no choice but to follow him.

However, when I saw the life of the master, he was so quiet that I couldn’t believe that he was the son of the Ark family.
His arrogance can be seen in his every word, his expression is basically expressionless, and the ferocious face he sometimes shows is impressive, but he has never raised his hand against a servant or a member of the nobility.

It was also surprising that he was the first to use recovery magic on Ur, another slave who had broken a vase, instead of scolding her.

(Something’s off for someone who’s giving off such an air of a jerk…)

Maria couldn’t understand Absolute.

After I have been at the Ark house for a while, Mito, a senior maid, called me and told me that she had resigned and that I would be in charge of Absolute-sama from now on.
I had heard in advance that I would be placed in Mito’s place as soon as I got used to it, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon.

“Maria, you learnt your work very quickly, and Ur is now able to do all of the housework, so my role is over now.
Please take care of Absolute-sama for me.”

Finally, I asked her about something that had been bothering me for a long time.

“Um, aren’t you afraid of your master?”

Mito-san spoke sadly.

“I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid.
But you know, when my mother passed away, Absolute-sama cried quietly for me.
Then, after working at the mansion for a while, I asked him about his skills.
Then I felt more sympathy than fear.
I’m sure all the servants in the Ark family feel the same way.”

“Skill? That’s new to me.”

I’ve never heard of it, attacking her in a slightly roundabout way, I inquired more.

“I’m going to tell you now that you are officially Absolute-sama’s maid.
But you never showed your face or attitude when you received Absolute-sama’s skills, so I was not sure whether to tell you or not… All the servants in the Ark family feel sorry for him, so they couldn’t help but treat him like a tumor.
So Absolute-sama, who was still very young, became sensitive to the atmosphere and stopped smiling so much.
It’s our responsibility as adults…I know it’s too much to ask of you, who is still so young.
But you should treat Absolute-sama as you always have…”

Maria was then told all about Absolute by Mito.

(I never thought that his skills would make the worst impression of him…)

Maria was told everything about her master.

About Absolute’s skill.
That he had never had any friends because of his skills.
Recently, he finally found a friend who understands him.

(You’ve been hurt a lot… even though you’re so young…)

Maria lamented the current situation of Absolute, who is about the same age as her brother used to be.

Maria then goes to Absolute’s room and tells him that she has taken over the job from Mito.

“In place of Mito-sama, from now on I will take care of the you.
And…well, I was told about Master’s skills when I took over.”

The master looked at me once and said

“I see…”

After saying that, he began to look through the book again.

“…aren’t you in pain?”

I asked something I didn’t need to ask.
I regretted it a little, but time wouldn’t take it back, and the master answered me.

“I don’t care what other people think of me.
I’m Absolute Ark even if all people hate me.
That will never change.
The eyes of others will never change me, ever.”

(That’s a great determination.
And it is sad, too, that it made my still-young master this determined.
I’m sure Master will continue to live with the hurt… that’s too much!)

I no longer feel the disgust I felt when I first met him.
I felt sad and love for Master, who was now hurt, but trying hard not to see the hurt.

The figure overlaps with my brother who used to be a cocky little boy.

I found myself hugging my Master from behind.

“Hey, what are you doing…get off of me!”

I didn’t loosen my arms.
I had a good hold on him, so even if he was stronger than me, he would never be able to get out.
Master must have realized this, because his resistance weakened.

“Master, from now on I will be by your side as your slave, your maid, your sister, and your family member.
I will never leave you alone!”

“I understand now…just let me go.”

From now on, I vowed to heal this clumsy and wounded boy’s heart.

“I’m tired of dealing with you.
I’m going to take a bath and rest now.
Get the bath ready…”

“Shall I join you?”


After this, I broke into the bath and joined him in the bathtub.

Maria Stella

15 years old


Knight…Becomes stronger against physical attacks.

Increases her own physical ability


Level : 30

Physical ability : 70

Magic power : 35

Brain :47

Magic learned



Swordsmanship, Ideal Sister

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