Chapter 24: Mock Battle – Up

After successfully completing the entrance ceremony, the first day of school life is upon us.
Today is the first battle between the hero and Absolute.
Although it is in the form of a mock battle, the hero loses the battle with Absolute, which is an opportunity for him to make further progress.

So, it’s not an option for Absolute to lose this battle.
If he loses, his standing will be degraded, and the Ark faction will be lambasted.
The Ark Family faction is built on the strength of the Ark Family.
If that collapses, it will be fatal to the faction.
Therefore, Absolute cannot afford to lose.
He must continue to demonstrate his ability to those around him.

Absolute, who was still eating breakfast, was thinking about the event that was about to begin.

I can’t avoid the losing event, can I? I can’t lose, but I kind of hate it when things go on as they did in the original.
Oh, I hope he’ll be so broken by the overwhelming difference in ability between me and him that he’ll retreat to the countryside.

Maria and Ur were worried about Absolute, who wasn’t eating well.
Maria calls out to Absolute.

“Excuse me, master, is your meal not to your liking?”

Absolute, who had been engrossed in his thoughts, was surprised by Maria’s words, and he chided himself for thinking about it during the mealtime.

“No problem at all.
I was just thinking a little.
Don’t look so worried, it’s no big deal.”

Maria and Ur could not hide their uneasiness at seeing their master in a different mood than usual, even though he said it was all right.

They’re so overprotective.
They’ve both grown up and become very beautiful since I met them, so I’m afraid they’ll turn out to be bad girls soon if I don’t keep a close watch on them.

Oh, that’s right.

Do you remember the hero you fought in the martial arts tournament back in the past?”

I mean, yes, I remember him!”

Ur had recently been trying to be more polite in front of Absolute, trying to correct her childish accent.

“…… I see.
For example, if you were to fight the hero again, do you think you could win?”

I don’t think I would lose, but I wanted to hear the opinions of those who have actually fought him.
 Absolute is weakened by the effect of the hero’s holy attribute skill.
Despite the difference in level and status, I couldn’t let my guard down.

Ur had doubts about the topic of the hero that came out of nowhere, but she didn’t care and thought about it for a while before answering the question.

“It’ll probably be a piece of cake!!”

Oh, I see.
He’s a hero and a strong character.
I’m not sure if I can get an answer by worrying about it.

Absolute abandoned his thoughts and finished his meal as it was.

Absolute went to the school with his faction group just as he did during the entrance ceremony.
In addition to that, from today onward, the students were accompanied by a large group of maids.

When they reached the school building, they separated from the maidservants.
The maids’ job at the school is to go to and from school and prepare lunch, so they are basically separated.
The school also has a waiting tower for the maids who are on standby during classes.

“We will be separated here.
You will stay in the waiting tower until mealtime.”

Ur and Maria are ordered by Absolute to go to the waiting tower, where they meet a boy.

“Ah, you from the martial arts tournament!”

The boy was the hero.
However, Ur remembers fighting with him, but not his face.
Ur and the others were alarmed by the man who suddenly approached them and tried to leave the place.

“Who are you? I’m sorry, but we have work to do.”

Ur and the others were about to leave, but the hero stopped them.

“Eh? Wait a minute!”

The hero grabbed Ur by the shoulders and tried to stop her, but Maria, who was with her, didn’t allow him to do so.
Maria grabbed the hero’s arm.

“Isn’t it bad manners to try and grab a maid from another family’s house, or are you doing this knowing that we are of the House of Ark?”

Maria’s arm tightens.
Maria and Ur are told by Absolute that they may use force if something happens to them.
There is no hesitation in fighting here.
Ur also took up a fighting stance.
It was a situation of a flashpoint.

“Eh? I was just trying to talk to her.”

The hero was bewildered by the unexpected response, but then he received a helping hand.

“Wait a minute! He’s with me.”

The one who entered the conversation was his fiancée, Alicia.
Maria explained to Alicia what had happened.
Alicia looked at her fiancée with disbelief as she heard he tried to grab another family’s maid despite the fact that she was engaged to him.
But she puts it to the back of her mind that she has to deal with the girls first.

“I’ll give him a good scolding later.
I’d like to apologize to your master as well, so can you tell me? My name is Alicia Mirai.
And this pick-up artist over here is Alto.”

Maria, now that she knows the identity of the boy, removes her hand from his arm and answers the question.

“I serve the House of Ark.
My name is Maria.
This is Ur.
I will report this matter to my master, then.”

Maria and Ur bowed to Alicia and left.

“Gosh! The Ark family… What did you do!?”

Alicia’s exclaiming voice rang out, and the hero was lectured in public.

Oh, I should apologize to Absolute…but I don’t know what he’ll do to Alto in the mock battle, so I’ll apologize after it’s over.
I’ll serve Alto his meal, so let him please not leave the room.

She did not yet know that further misfortune would befall her after this.


A mock battle is held as a recreational activity as scheduled, although the hero has been at it since first thing in the morning.

The location is the school’s training facility, which is quite spacious among the school’s facilities.

The first match-up card is Absolute Ark versus the hero Alto, as announced.
Most of the class is hoping for a victory for Alto.

“The first match will be a mock battle as planned.
The rules are the prohibition of the use of enhancement magic before the match and the prohibition of attacks and skills that can inflict fatal wounds on the opponent.
If I find it dangerous, I will stop you immediately, okay? There are no restrictions on weapons, but swords and other blades can be used.
That’s all for now…any questions? Then, Ark and Alto, take your positions.”

Absolute follows Teach’s lead and goes to the designated place.
However, the hero seems to be talking to the saint about something.

When did they start talking?

Absolute looks at them suspiciously.

“Hey! Alto, what are you doing, get into position quickly!”

The hero Alto rushes to his position after being warned by his teacher.
He took one look at Absolute and spoke to him.

“I’m sorry for making you wait.
It’s the first time we’ve talked, isn’t it? I am Alto, the hero.”


He’s pretending to be friendly, but I can see the madness in his eyes.

Come to think of it, this is the first time we’ve talked.

Absolute replied blankly, but Alto, the hero, continued without paying attention.

“I’ve done some research on you, Absolute, and if I win, will you stop doing bad things? I know that your family is connected to a dark organization behind the shadows.
I also know that you’ve been abusing the little beastman girl.
If you lose, you will confess everything and pay for your crimes.”

…… What is this guy talking about? Are you out of your mind…?

Calling a high ranking noble a criminal in public is not funny…

I look at Alicia’s face.
She’s twitching like crazy.

“Hey, Alto, what are you talking about? You can’t suddenly call a classmate a criminal!”

Teach’s tries to stop Alto.

However, the hero, who is already in attack position, doesn’t stop.
He blows away Teach who stopped him and piles up the distance to Absolute.

Wow, he blew away the homeroom teacher.
What is he doing out of control like this?

“Here we go Absolute! Holy out!”

The attack of the hero Alto strikes Absolute.

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