Chapter 22: Class A

After the entrance ceremony, Absolute and his classmates were told their class on the spot.
They were assigned to classes A through E in order of their grades at the time of the entrance examination.
Of course, Absolute is in Class A.

“……I wonder if I would have been able to break away from the original story if I had been omitted from the A class….”

The first time I thought this, it was a strange idea, but I immediately rejected the idea that flashed through my mind.

…No, I’m Absolute, and I’m from A.

It’s too lame to fall from A to B.

A great strong character like me would be treated as a joke as soon as my rank drops once.

“…I’m sorry.
I, who should be assisting Absolute-sama, is in a different class…”

Chris calls out in a depressed voice

Chris is not good at fighting, so he didn’t receive a very good evaluation in the mock test and was placed in class B.
Cruel-san pats Chris’s depressed shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Chris-sama, I’ll serve as Absolute-sama’s assistant.
I will take care of everything for you.”

Lady tried to comfort Chris, but it seemed to have the opposite effect, and Chris gritted his teeth in frustration.

Absolute ignores the two of them.

“The only other people from our faction who made it to the A class are… Oriana and Mist…well done to both of you.”

Absolute made it into the A class.

He praised those under his faction.

Oriana Festa.

She is the second daughter of Baron Festa, who recently joined the nobility after being a mercenary.

Because of his rise from a mercenary, Baron Festa’s family is widely known among mercenaries and provides job placement services for mercenaries.

She has a quiet personality and always follows Cruel-san’s lead.

Mist Browser

Eldest son of Viscount Browser

The Browser family specializes in destroying evidence and disposing of corpses for the Ark family’s shadow jobs.

These days, they don’t have much work because the Absolute’s magic has been cleaning up nicely.

We have come to see each other every time we do some shadow work, and we have become friends enough to talk.

However, because Mist has a string to his eyes and speaks in a lighthearted manner, Absolute is not sure he can trust him.
He secretly thinks that if anyone would betray him, it would be this guy.

“No, it’s because of Absolute’s education.
I could have barely made C by myself, really.”

He says as if he is trying to flatter me.

Oriana in contrast to Mist, thanked him solemnly without showing any expressions.

I really think Mist is going to betray me soon.
I could feel it from every word he said and from his face.
Oriana is a really good girl, compared to mist.
She always takes care of me with Cruel-san.
If I discover betrayal, I’ll show no mercy.

“Hmmm, your flattery is annoying, so stop it.
The others have only just begun.
You’ve got a chance to move up.
Chris, Cruel-san, how long are you going to do that? Let’s go.”


Chris and the Lady replied in unison.

The others also went to their own classes, and Absolute and the others went to A class.

When they entered Class A, they were met with strong stares from those already inside.
The stares were filled with fear, contempt, murderous intent, and interest.

Wow, they’re staring at me like I’m a freak.
Michael is glaring at me like someone who wants to avenge his parents.
And the hero is not glaring at me either.

You and I are going to have a hostile event after this! You’re too quick to turn hostile.
No, I think he was hostile from the beginning in the original story, I wonder.

“As expected, Absolute-sama, it’s hard to be popular.
Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.”

“Well, let’s take it easy Absolute-sama.”


Cruel-san, Mist, and Oriana each encourage me.

I appreciate it, but I’m not really hurt.

Well, I’m used to it.
I’m just surprised at how much they stare at me.

I mean, it’s not polite to stare at me! I’m a high ranking noble, after all.
I should nail them once…

Skill activation, [Intimidation!]

“What are you guys staring at me like that for? I’m going to kill you.”

(Oh, man, that was a lot of words.
I couldn’t help but speak my true feelings.)

The class temperature drops dramatically due to Absolute’s intimidation.
The sudden intimidation made everyone feel as though they were showered with cold water.

While many of them shivered and looked away from Absolute, some of them endured the intimidation.

(…..The hero withstood the intimidation.
He was about to attack, but his fiancée, Alicia Mirai, is stopping him with her feather crest.
And Michael is also growing up a bit when he stares at me while shaking.
And there are a few others here and there… I’m not saying it’s much since I’m releasing it in a very weak manner, but it’s a big deal.)

“Um, Absolute-sama…are you going to pick a fight right from the start?”

Mist gets a little nervous.

“This pressure …… Absolute-sama is really wonderful!”

Cruel-san admires

Oriana nodded her head in agreement with the lady.

Then a third person shouts from behind her

“Hey, you guys are going to be rowdy as soon as you enter the school? You are too energetic, aren’t you? I’ll let you vent later.”

The voice belonged to the homeroom teacher of Class A, who had just been introduced at the entrance ceremony.
His name is Teach.

“That’s a misunderstanding.
“Absolute-sama is sensitive to gazes, and when he entered the classroom and they started staring at him like they were underestimating him, he was just giving them a little warning.”

Cruel-san explains on behalf of Absolute.
She wasn’t lying.
Certainly, Absolute only warned them and didn’t raise his hand.

“No, he said he was going to kill them.”

Mist, who says unnecessary things, is left alone.

“I know you guys are curious about your new classmate, but it’s rude to stare at him so much, so don’t do it.
Absolute Ark.
Don’t overwhelm your classmates either.
Making too many enemies will get you in trouble in the future.”

So, a warning to both sides…

I think he’s supposed to be hated for his “absolute evil” skills, but I wonder if this teacher has a lot of considerable personality.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

With that, the Absolute and his friends took their seats.

The classroom was filled with trepidation, but the intervention of the homeroom teacher who entered the room saved the day.

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