Chapter 20: After the Entrance Examination

Alicia’s Point of View

I came to the school to take the entrance exam and was paired with the son of the Ark family for a mock battle.
I heard as a child about the bad reputation of the Ark family and the parties they throw.
I always saw from afar that they always have a lot of nobles under their faction in attendance.
It’s a class I wouldn’t like to be involved with if possible, but it is a test, so I have no choice.

Alicia turns her head.

And the opponent is Tristan of the Kako family and a saint.
If they don’t join forces, they will be beaten in no time.

“I’ve never spoken to you before.
I’m Alicia Mirai.
So what’s your role? I can only use magic, so I’ll be attacking from a distance.”

Absolute Ark gave the impression of being an eerie man, but rumor has it that he is quite talented.
Perhaps if the two of us joined forces, we might be able to defeat the saint and Tristan.

I thought so, but Absolute told me that I didn’t have to make a move if my opponent got within his range.

“Are you sure? Since the saint can’t fight, it would be better for me to cover you with magic while you are fighting Tristan, wouldn’t it?”

Alicia’s question was answered by Absolute in a relaxed manner.

Tristan fights alone while being supported by the saint.
It won’t be pleasant to crsh him two against one.
It would be better to divide the roles and fight one on one.”


Alicia was ashamed of herself at Absolute’s answer.

Trying to defeat an opponent in a mere test, two against one, is certainly not something to be admired.

Alicia was impressed by Absolute’s attitude toward the game.
By going one-on-one, Alicia was also able to show her support for her teammate.

(I’ve heard so many bad things about him, but I honestly respect him this time…)

Alicia wanted to show Alto, the hero, his attitude toward this match, because she felt that although he was strong, he didn’t have the same pride as Absolute.

(I wonder what Alto would think if he saw Absolute Ark’s attitude right now.
I would be happy if he feels something, but if he doesn’t feel anything… it would be a little sad.)

“I’m sorry.
I misunderstood you.
…It’s certainly not what we, the proud high nobility, would do.
All right, I’ll follow your way.
Let’s fight with pride!”

“Oh, and don’t hit the Saint, okay?”

Alicia felt a little smile at the kindness Absolute was showing here.

And then the match began.

Tristan, backed by the saint, closed the distance.
Alicia attacks Tristan with magic, but her opponent doesn’t stop.

Soon the distance was closed and she had to switch places with Absolute.

Alicia was again astonished when she saw Absolute crossing swords with Tristan.

(No way…Tristan is a member of the famous Kako family.
He is not weak.
In fact, with the support of the saint, he should be able to compete with the hero, and Absolute is fighting him on equal terms.)

In fact, Absolute was fighting with a lot of confidence, but to Alicia, who didn’t have much experience in battle, the two seemed evenly matched.

The battle was settled when Absolute defeated Tristan and the saint went out of the ring.

Absolute left without looking at Alicia, but Alicia was so surprised that she couldn’t move.

(I didn’t think Absolute Ark was this strong.
If Alto-kun should ever try to pick a fight with him at the school in the future…)

Alicia remebers her fiancé who tends to run wild.
 He’s bound to make something happen.

(Alto-kun is backed by the Mirai family…if Alto-kun were to pick a fight with Absolute Ark…….
Her family would be in trouble!)

If Absolute and Alto the hero were to fight, the damage is likely to be great, and the responsibility for that will lie with the Mirai family, the backers of the hero.

(If I go back to the mansion, I have to tell Alto not to fight with him.
I definitely have to tell him!)

Alicia’s troubles continued.

[The Ark family]

After finishing the entrance examination, Absolute and his friends invited the nobles under their faction, who were also taking the entrance examination, to the Ark family mansion for a party.

Unlike in the past, people were gathering around Absolute.

”It was so cool to see you fighting, Absolute-sama!”


“He is a great fighter, overwhelming that Tristan of the Kako family.
I’d love to have a hand in a fight with you next time!”


“Absolute-sama! Will you marry me? Please!”


He is blunt, but he answers the noblemen under his faction who talk to him.

It looks like he is going with the flow, but he is usually like this, so people didn’t care.

The party was coming to a close, and the last thing to do was for Absolute to give a final message.

“Well, thank you all for your hard work today.
I am sure that you, who always train hard, did your best.”

The faces of those listening to the conversation were fearless.
All of them had trained hard to support Absolute.
Absolute knew this.

“From now on, we’re going to enter the academy.
Although it is said that status does not matter at the academy, that is just a figure of speech, and of course the barriers of title exist.
So, we must show them the unity of the Ark family faction.”

Absolute looks around at all the faces.

“In Rainana country, we, the Ark family faction, have always been treated as the bad guys and scorned.
It’s because we do gray work for a living.
But if I am treated as a villain just for doing gray work, I will remain a villain for the rest of my life.
I know that some lives are saved by gray work and I am proud to be an Ark family member.
The question is, why do some people make fun of us out in the open? That’s because those guys are underestimating us.”

I can see the anger on everyone’s faces.
They’ve been made fun of so many times before.

Absolute continued.

“I’ll say it again.
We must show them.
The unity of the Ark family faction! You are no longer weak enough to be mocked.
And you must show strength.
Evil without power will be overthrown at the will of the righteous and powerful.
If you don’t like it, let’s continue to resist together.
I am always before you! Take pride in being evil that you are the Ark faction! And I will show you… the pride of evil!”

Everyone nodded.

Seeing this, Absolute smiled wickedly and said.

“The beginning is the key.
Let’s all go!”

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