Chapter 19: Mock battle

The next test is a mock battle between candidates.
In this test, the examinees are tested on their moves, magic and sword skills, and so on.

The match continues until the examiner stops it or the examinees throw their opponents out of the ring.
The opponents are generally chosen at random, but they tend to be close to each other in rank.

Absolute watched other people’s matches until it was his turn.

Just now, his friend Cruel-san’s match is taking place, and he is watching it with Chris.

“She has become very strong since Absolute taught her magic.
Look, she is dominating her opponent!”

Lady Cruel’s opponent is a swordsman.
He tries to close the gap with her, but a pillar of ice released by her ice magic skill blocks him. 

He swatted them away with his sword, but was gradually hit by the persistent icicles, and in the end, he was overwhelmed by her attack and went off the stage, ending the match.

After the match, Cruel-san came to Absolute with a smile on her face.

“Dear Absolute! Did you see what I did?”

Cruel-san asked Absolute, bringing her face close to his.

“Oh, you’ve become stronger again.”

I’m not flattering her.
I think she has become much stronger since we first met.
I think she can fight with Ur on equal terms depending on how she fights.

“I’m honored by your praise! I’m proud that I was able to fight a battle that lived up to the name of Absolute-sama.
I actually got all flushed when you praised me.
I’m looking forward to your fight, Absolute-sama.
Please do your best!”

“Ah…that’s right.”

Cruel-san sat down next to Absolute and continued the conversation, feeling elated by Absolute’s words of praise.

“Who will be Absolute-sama’s opponent? Is it the family of Duke Kako or Alicia of the Marquis family?”

Chris answered.

“It could also be the Saint.
Well, the candidates of the top nobility are mostly daughters, except for the Kako and Ark families, so it will inevitably be the Kako family.”

The Kako family…

Duke Kako is the leader of the nobles who attacked the faction under the Ark family, including Chris at Prince Michael’s memorial party.
I’ve heard that they are martial artists, but he’s not familiar with the Ark family.

He didn’t appear much in the original story either, so it was unknown how he would get involved.

While he was pondering this, Absolute’s name was called for the next match.

“Please do your best, Absolute-sama.”

“We wish you good luck!”

Chris and Lady Cruel cheered him on as he entered the match venue.
There, Absolute waited for his opponent.

However, his opponent betrayed his expectations.

“Saint Eliza… and Alicia Mirai, and Kako family.”

The opponents, who came in after Absolute, were Eliza and Alicia Mirai, and the legitimate son of the Duke of Kako.
Alicia, the Kako family, and Eliza were also surprised at this situation, but first the eldest son of the Kako family spoke up

“Well, my dear saint, Absolute-san.
My name is Tristan Kako.
Can you please explain to me what is going on here? Mr.

The examiner spoke.

“It is true that the rules of the game are one-on-one.
However, since the saint specializes in supporting others in combat, it’s impossible to evaluate her true value.
Therefore, as a special exception, this match will be played two against two.”

It’s true that this exam would be tough for a saint who specializes in support.
So it’s a double battle.
I see, but what about the pairings?

“As for the pairings, Absolute Ark and Alicia Mirai, then Tristan Kako, and the Saint.
As for the rules, the match will end when the referee stops the match or when the two members of the pair go out of the ring.”

I see…I’m paired with Alicia.
Thank God…if I paired with the saint, I would have ended up not being able to see the power of the Saint.

I should let Alicia fight the first half and see the power of the saint.

Thinking this, Alicia spoke to Absolute.

“I’ve never spoken to you before.
I’m Alicia Mirai.
So what’s your role? I can only use magic, so I’ll be attacking from a distance.”

“I see.
Then you will attack Tristan with magic until he is in range of my sword.
You don’t have to do anything while I’m dealing with Tristan.”

Alicia asks with a curious look on her face

“Is that all right? Since the Saint can’t fight, it would be more reliable if I cover you with magic while you are fighting Tristan, wouldn’t it?”

Certainly, the way Absolute suggested was to repeat the first half with Alicia, second half himself and one-on-one, and if the two of us crushed Tristan, it would most likely be over soon.
But then I wouldn’t be able to see the support power of the Saints.

I must avoid that.

No matter how much support the saint provides, Tristan will be the only one fighting.
It’s won’t be a very pleasant thing for two people to crush him.
It would be better to divide the roles and fight one-on-one.”

Absolute recalled his own current self.
Yes, Absolute didn’t like the idea of crushing opponents with numbers.

Alicia was surprised at Absolute’s answer.

“I’m sorry.
I misunderstood you….It’s certainly not what we, the proud upper class, would do.
All right, I’ll do it your way.
Let’s fight with pride!”

Alicia agreed with Absolute.

“Oh, and don’t hit the saint, okay?”

“Fufu, I know.  Let’s get started.”

And so the two pairs faced each other.

“Let’s get started!”

Tristan rushes out to start the game.


Alicia’s attacks Tristan, but he shows no sign of avoiding it.
Then the saint moves.

“Protect, Regenerate Healing.”

Protect is a magic that raises defenses, and Regenerate healing is a magic that automatically grants healing magic for a certain period of time.
And what’s troubling is Tristan’s fighting spirit that fearlessly faces Alicia’s magic.

(Could it be that he is using the saint’s skill “incitement” to eliminate his fear…? still dangerous.)

Humans have a stopper in their brains due to fear, but that skill removes that stopper.
It is possible to make people do dangerous things without taking risks.

“What the hell is that guy doing? To be able to move forward in front of an incoming magic”

Alicia uses magic continuously, but Tristan doesn’t stop.

He’s about to enter Absolute’s range.

“It’s about time.
Let’s take turns.”

Absolute draws his sword and slashes at Tristan.

Their swords clash with each other.

Tristan talks to Absolute.

“Oh, have you finally made your appearance? fufu, the power of the saint is wonderful! I am overflowing with more power than usual.
I don’t think anyone will beat me now.”

Wow, this guy looks like he’s high on drugs.

But still, as far as Tristan’s skill and level is concerned, I’m winning hands down, right? I thought his sword skills were pretty good, but his head limiter has come off and he is falling apart.

Absolute analyzes the saint and Tristan while crossing sword with each other appropriately.

“……… why don’t you and Alicia attack together, the two of you might be able to defeat me.”

“You’re the only one who fights even if you have the saint’s support, and a two against one is not a beautiful way to go about it.”

“I misjudged you…… But don’t let that be the reason for your defeat!”

Tristan stepped up a gear, but Absolute responded with a generous margin.
The two continued to exchange blows for a while.
Tristan, feeling impatient with the antagonistic situation, made a move.

“Saint-sama! Please support me!”

The saint applies more support magic to Tristan.
Tristan’s speed and power increased.

However, such reinforcement advantage doesn’t work on Absolute, who has a difference in level.
Absolute had finished observing most of the saint’s enhancement magic.

So far, only the speed and power have increased, but the rest hasn’t changed much.
Tristan can’t handle the enhanced speed.
Well, it’s my first time working as a tag team.

But the magic to strengthen the body is not much, but if it could be used on many people, it would be troublesome.
And the skill to eliminate fear…

Absolute raised the danger level of Saint Eliza.
And when he saw how much power she had, Absolute decided to go for it.
He flicked Tristan’s sword as he was slashing at him and kicked him in the gut, sending him out of the ring.

“Your swordsmanship was impressive, but you lack a little precision.
Let’s have a real one-on-one match at the academy next time.”

After saying this to Tristan on the outside, he turned to the saint.

Only the Saint was left now.

The saint was frightened when she saw that Tristan had been taken out and that Absolute was coming her way.

Absolute threw down his sword, went to the saint, took the trembling her aside, and placed her on the outside of the ring, ending the match.

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