Volume 2: Original story begins

Chapter 17: Inheritance

At last, Absolute has turned 15 years old.

He will be attending an academy in the royal capital for three years starting this spring, and the original story begins when he enters the academy.
Preparations to fight the hero is steadily progressing.

He’s on good terms with the nobles under his faction, with Chris and Cruel-san acting as his go-between.
Currently, he succeeded in enslaving Maria Stella, a companion of the hero, and keeping her by his side.
They get along well, and Maria comes in on her own, but they always bathe together.

It’s so naughty!

The biggest thing is that he has removed Prince Michael from the crown prince’s throne, so he can no longer move his large army.

The rest of the plan was to disrupt the hero’s growth events at the school and sabotage his efforts to get to the saint.

Today, at the age of 15, Absolute had to kill his father, Villain, in order to inherit the Ark family’s unique magic.

“The Ark family’s magic is the magic of making a contract with a spirit.
In order to inherit it, you have to kill the current owner and get the spirit to recognize you.
Of course, with the spirits watching, you don’t have to go easy on me.
Absolute, you must be prepared, okay?”

(…I didn’t think the magic of the Ark family was that dangerous.
The reason why Villain didn’t appear in the original story was because he died in the succession.
The Ark family is so blood-curdling.)

“I’m ready for it, Father.
Come to think of it, the last time we met in hand-to-hand combat was when I was 10 years old.
Then let us begin!”

[Dark Hole]

Absolute uses his specialty magic from the opening.
From within the dark magic, a great number of magical arms sprout out and attack Villain.

However, Villain is unmoved.
He cloaks his sword in dark magic and cuts the arms of magic.

Absolute is surprised.
Now Absolute’s level is over 90.
And the average level of soldiers in this world is 20; in the original story of Rainana, Absolute is the only character known to be above level 50.
However, I felt that Villain’s power was definitely more than level 50.

“You seem surprised.
Absolute, you are strong even in the eyes of your parents.
If we were to fight normally, I would probably not win.
But if I use the Ark family’s unique magic, the spirits will boost my firepower so that a lower-ranked person can beat a higher-ranked person.
Now let me go next!”

Villain takes up his sword in the upper stance, closes the distance at once, and slashes at Absolute.
Absolute responded with his sword, and the two blades met.

The power seemed to be even.

Sword attacks were exchanged again and again.

Absolute didn’t expect his father to be so strong, although there was a difference in level.

(He is the man who has been protecting the Rainana nation behind the scenes for many years.
I knew he was strong, but I didn’t expect him to be this strong…)

Up to this point, the two men’s strengths had been close, but gradually Villain began to be pushed back.
While Absolute was also serious but still had some extra strength left, Villain had no choice but to give his all to Absolute’s overwhelming power.
In other words, his stamina was running out.

“You’ve gotten stronger…Absolute.”

Villain felt both joy at his son’s growth and regret for his son, who had been forced to grow up strong by the heavy responsibilities of the Ark family since he was a child.

Villain’s heart was complicated.

“This will be the last attack! Go beyond me! Absolute! Unique Ark Summon Liberation!”

Ark Summon, a unique magic to call spirits and make a contract with them.

The spirit summoned by Villain appears as a result of the release of the ark summon.
It was a being with a beauty that no human could match.
The spirit deploys numerous magic circles and releases magic one after another.

[Dark Hole]

Absolute blocked them with a great number of magical arms.
Neither the spirit nor Absolute drew back.
However, the spirit was too distracted by the magical arms and left Absolute alone too long.
Absolute closed the distance with the spirit and released his fist to blow it away.

The spirit was bound by the magic arm where it was blown away, and the decision with the spirit was made.

“That’s it.
You’ve grown stronger, Absolute.”

“The winner has already been decided, so for my part, I don’t want to do anything like making you kick the bucket, but how is the system of inheritance working in the first place?”

“You are right..
I can’t bear to have my son bear that much karma.
I wonder if my father felt the same way…”

Villain stabbed himself in the heart with his own sword.


Villain was supposed to pierce his chest, but Absolute used his magical arm to prevent him from killing himself.

“What are you doing, Absolute? If I don’t die, you can’t make a contract with the spirit!”

“You have given up your life for this country.
But to lose your life just for me to inherit the magic that is unique to the Ark in the end, isn’t that too much? I don’t want the power that I sacrificed my own parent to obtain.”

Absolute of the original story probably had no hesitation in inheriting this power because death had become an everyday occurrence.
However, the current Absolute, who has the values of his previous life, couldn’t accept it.

“…That’s really sweet.
But what are you going to do? If I don’t die, you can’t make a contract with the spirit.”

But Absolute had already come up with a solution.

“I have thought about that.
I’m sorry to do this to my father’s spirit, but let me make a slave contract with you.
The deadline is until my father or I die.
In short, let me conclude another contract, a slave contract, so that the spirit can lend me its power.
As for the inherent magic,, you will pass it on to me after you die of old age.”

Villain laughed at the idea he had not thought of.

“I see…the loser will do as the winner says.
But don’t be too rough with him, he’s a sensitive spirit.
And,  Absolute, although you couldn’t inherit it in earnest, you will still have the power of the spirit.
Three years from now, when you graduate from the school, you will be the head of the Ark family.”

“I humbly accept.”

Thus, the inheritance of the unique magic was settled by making a slave contract with the spirit to simulate the Ark Summon.

“I am Absolute Ark, your master from now on.
Spirit, please take good care of me.”

The spirit nodded without speaking.

The contract was completed.

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