Chapter 16: After the Original Story End

[The Royal Castle in the Land of Rainana]

King Michael, who was in the castle, was astonished to hear the monster subjugation report.

“—All annihilated!?”

No matter how much of a monster the opponent was, he thought he could win by sheer numbers, just as he had done with Absolute, but the result was a crushing defeat.

“Why… but we beat Absolute!”

Of course, the Ur the beast couldn’t win a battle against Absolute.

The reason the Royal Army was able to defeat Absolute was that Absolute’s skill “Absolute Evil” was weakened against the hero’s holy power.
Whenever the hero was about to be killed, a good soldier acted as a wall to shield him.
The saint healed the hero’s fatal wounds many times, and her beauty and skill boosted the morale of the soldiers.

All of these elements miraculously led to victory.

Without all of these elements, it was inevitable that the current Royal Army would be defeated.

“So the monster is gone… what the hell was that… a beastman? No, I’ve never heard of a beastman’s skills being that powerful.
Something that has a grudge against the hero and the people of this country… we must also look into invasions from other countries.”

King Michael immediately dismisses the possibility that crossed his mind for a moment.
The possibility of a slave girl who had served Absolute in the Ark family and had won a martial arts tournament….

“She was not with Absolute when he died.
She must have run out of love for him and disappeared.”

King Michael denied it in his head, but a strange feeling kept him from dismissing the idea.

And then…

“My king! A beast woman is going around killing people in the castle.
We must get out immediately.”

Michael’s intuition proved to be correct.

At that time, Ur entered the castle through the front door, killing everyone she saw on her way to Michael.

(Soon it will all be over, and then I can finally go to my master.)

Ur couldn’t fight alongside Absolute.
So she’s trying to make amends with those who killed Absolute by killing them herself.

Before taking her own life.

As she walked, she remember everything that has happened to her.

She remembers how scared she was when she first met him.

How he gave her sweets when she was working as a maid.

The way he patted her head.

The way he protected her when she got tangled up with the hero at the school.

The many times they went to delicious restaurants together.

The times they made love.

The birth of their child.

Thinking of her beloved Absolute, who had given her so many happy memories, she put her hand on the room where Michael was waiting for her with an angry look on his face.

“Don’t tell me you’re the one who defeated the hero and the Kingdom Army?”

“What if I am?”

“Why? Absolute is already dead, what’s the point of all this? Answer me, slave!”

Michael is furious.
Just for killing Absolute, at least 100,000 more people had been killed by Ur.

Ur snickered.

(Just for killing one master? What Nonsense.)

“I’m going to go to be with master and I can’t allow the people who killed him to live on in peace.
You will die and get down on your knees to the master and me in the afterlife.”

“You’re crazy… but you underestimate me.
I am royalty and have access to the most powerful magic.
You go to Absolute alone!”

[King of Shield]

“My magic will nullify all physical attacks, and since beastmen fight primarily with physical strength, you will have no means of attack.
Let’s go!”

Physical nullification is Ur’s biggest weakness.
But Ur was not planning to use physical attacks this time.

(Master, I’m going to ask for your help…)

[Dark hole!]

Ur used Absolute’s signature magic, which she had seen many times before.
The power and range are weaker than Absolute’s, which has a lot of magic, but it is still effective enough.

The hand of magic power produced from the dark magic dragged Michael into the darkness.

“Hey, that’s Absolute’s magic! Why you? Why are you in my way even after you’re dead, Absolute?”

“You have been defeated by my master, and you will die in his arms in the dark.”

“Damn you, Absolut-o!”

And so Michael disappeared into the darkness.

This was his last opponent.

“Master you have won.”

Ur topped Absolute’s defeat with a victory of her own.

Michael’s death.

Ur was walking in King’s Landing after her victory over Michael.
She walked along the road that she and Absolute had taken many times before his death, tracing her memories.
There, she found her favorite sweet store.
It seemed to still be open.

“I’m sorry,”

The owner of the store greeted ur with a scary face.

“Hmm? It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.

The owner, who probably knows Absolute, welcomes me without saying a word.

“I’ll have the strawberry tart and the Mont Blanc, please.”

The Mont Blanc was the one Absolute used to eat.

“Are you going to eat it?”

“I’ll take it to go, please.”

The owner, perhaps seeing the look on Ur’s face, wrapped up the items without saying a word.

“No charge.
You don’t have to pay for it…Hey, don’t you have to go, too?”

The owner finally asked.

“Thank you very much.
But it’s hard to live in a world without him……the sweets here are always delicious!”

With that, she left the store.

Ur headed for the Ark house.

Of course, there was no one inside.
Ur entered Absolute’s former room and arranged tea and sweets for the two of them.

Ur drank her share of the tart and tea and looked around the room.
She had seen this room for years, but it had been a long time since she had been in it.
It was as if she was back in the old days.

Sentimental for a moment, Ur stood facing Absolute’s chair.

“Master, I am on my way to you.
I don’t know what will happen to me when I die, but if we meet again on the other side, I want to love you again!”

Ur confessed for the second time with tears in her eyes and plunged the knife into her own heart.

In the end, she could die as she wished, thinking of Absolute.
Ur was satisfied.

Ur’s vision turned white, and a world she did not know seemed to open up as her death grew nearer.
Somewhere in that world, she thought she heard Absolute’s voice.
Ur ran to the voice, and as the voice of Absolute grew closer and closer… Ur’s life disappeared.

After that, the country of Rainana, which lost many of its royalty and nobility, was taken in by a neighboring country and transformed into a democratic state over a long period of time.

And the name of the man who leads that country is.

Uriah Ark.

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