Chapter 15: After the Original 2

Ur transforms into a wolf of more than 10 meters with her beastification skill.
As Ur transformed, the Mirai family’s mansion couldn’t contain her physique and the mansion collapsed.


Ur’s roar shakes the earth.

It sounded as if she was crying out.


The hero emerged from the rubble.
His body was strong, as only a hero would be.
But for those who weren’t heroes, the damage was enormous.

“Haniel, are you okay?”

When the house collapsed, he quickly tried to protect his wife, but it was too late.
She had already been crushed by the debris and died instantly.

The hero’s face contorted at the sight of Haniel’s corpse, but he managed to keep his cool.
The battle was still raging.
The hero looks up at Ur, who has changed her appearance.

“What the hell is that… is that Ur? I thought beastification was just a skill to change your body into a beast, what the hell is going on!”

The hero is puzzled by the situation, but Ur doesn’t wait for him.
Having lost all sense of reason, Ur acts on instinct, on desire.
Ur wants to continue slaughtering those who killed Absolute until she dies.
Ur will never let the hero, the main culprit, get away with it.

Ur unleashes her fist at the hero.
The destructive power of her fist is such that it damages the entire area around her with a single blow.

The hero takes his first damage and falls to his knees.

“Oh, no! This power is out of proportion… yes! We must all work together to defeat it, just as we did with Absolute.
Maria and Alicia must have been at the mansion ⁈ If you guys are there, please answer me!”

[Holy out.]

The hero, thinking that they might be buried in the rubble, targeted non-human targets and blew the rubble away.
Then he found his friends and those in the house who had been killed by Ur.

“Oh, Alicia…Maria….
Oh, what a terrible thing to do…”

Maria, who had her head chopped off.

Alicia, who had her limbs torn off and died in agony.

And perhaps Eliza too…

The hero despaired at the sight of his companions decapitated.
He didn’t understand why they had to be killed.

Then, realizing that this anger was directed at him, he hurried to clear up Ur’s misunderstanding

“Ur! No, we were trying to help you.
Absolute was a bad guy! You have to realize that!”

The hero lost his reason and was caught in the reverse of Ur, who was unable to stop herself.
In response to Absolute’s name, Ur’s attacks became even more ferocious.

Again and again, Ur launches fists and kicks from her huge frame.
Even if the hero avoids a blow, the aftermath is so strong that he cannot recover from the shock and is always hit by a second blow.
The hero was already in tatters.

“Urgh, urgh! I give up! Let’s not fight like this.
I’m sorry about Absolute!”

Ur didn’t stop attacking.
She hits the hero over and over again in anger.”

“Please… stop already….
I’m going to die…”

Ur beats the hero over and over again.

The hero’s consciousness fades away.

It was a nostalgic memory of his first love that finally ran through his mind.
It was the first time he met the girl, a beastman, at a martial arts tournament in the royal capital.

(I loved you.
I didn’t want to see you by Absolute’s side all this time…)

The hero, who had finally learned his true feelings after coming here, lost consciousness there.

She could no longer hear anything from the hero.

(Did he lose his voice? Don’t tell me he ran away! I won’t allow it!)

Ur looked for the hero, trampling over the surrounding houses and fleeing people.

But the hero was already dead.

Ur didn’t understand that now that her reason had flown away.
By the time she realized that the hero was dead, the Mirai territory had already been destroyed.

The hero who challenged Absolute with overwhelming numbers had his life ended by overwhelming individual power

Alto the hero died.

The hero is dead.
But it is not over yet…

A soldier, King Michael, remains among the nobles who fought alongside the hero.
Ur moves on to the next enemy.

(They are all going to be killed…)

[The Royal Castle in the Land of Rainana]

At the royal castle, the death of the hero and the mysterious monster heading toward the royal capital was causing chaos.

“I report! The monster moved in Mirai territory, slaughtered the surrounding nobles and citizens, and is now heading toward the capital.
What do you say, King Michael?”

Michael punches his desk in anger.

(Damn it! What the hell That monster…even the hero couldn’t win.
No, didn’t you learn that when you killed Absolute? That a strong opponent must be counted against with numbers.)

“All hands! Prepare to intercept.
Remember the battle with Absolute! We must counter with numbers.”


A total of 80,000 members of the royal army had gathered.

The morale of those who had survived the battle with Absolute was high.
The army seemed to be united under the direction of King Michael, but it was overpowered by an overwhelming individual presence.

Ur, a wolf over 10 meters in height, was identified from the royal capital.

“What the…what’s that monster”

The Royal Army was shaken.
Absolute was strong, but he was human.
But that was a monster.

“Don’t be cowed! Prepare your swords and defend your country!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!”

The Royal Army’s shouts signaled the start of the confrontation between the Royal Army and Ur.

The soldiers charged toward Ur with great vigor, but Ur’s kicking with her feet was enough to blow away thousands of soldiers.

“What is that power?”

The Royal Army’s command is frustrated by Ur’s overwhelming power.

The Royal Army has a number of soldiers, but the best of them were all killed in the previous battle with Absolute.

Most of those present were inexperienced soldiers who had been standing by in the rear.
This would not stop Ur.
The rest was just a massacre.

Ur killed soldiers as if she were playing music.

The battlefield echoed with the screams of the soldiers.

(Master…I bring this cheer to you!)

Eighty thousand screams filled the battlefield.
These screams were a requiem from Ur to her dear master.

The playing of this requiem continued until the last man was left.

The battlefield screams ceased and Ur was the only one standing there.
Ur’s body reached its limit and her beastly skills were released.
Ur reverted to her original human form.
She is too exhausted to stand now.

“After a short rest, the next stop is the royal castle….Master.
I will go there as soon as everything is finished…”

Thinking of her beloved master’s face, she decided to hang on just a little bit longer.

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