Chapter 14: After the Original Story

*This story takes place several years after Absolute was killed in the original novel*

The royal castle in the Land of Rainana

King Michael, who gained support from the people and nobles by defeating the villain Absolute, had a serious problem.

“Why is a dark organization from another country working in the country of Rainana What are the guards doing! This is going to tear our country apart!”

Due to the crushing of the Ark family, which had been working for the country behind the scenes, black organizations from other countries were cozying up to some nobles and undermining the country.
Powerful drugs and kidnappings are rampant among the people, and things are getting out of hand.
The people have no information or contacts in the dark organization, even if they wanted to crack down on them.
The Ark family had been working to prevent this from happening, but they have been crushed.
This was Michael’s own decision.

“Isn’t this the kind of situation where the hero steps in? tell the hero to hurry up and stop this chaos.”

Michael throws everything to the hero who wasn’t there.

“Your majesty… It’s an urgent message!”

(Another urgent message, I feel like there are more and more of them related to the dark organization these days.
What’s next?)

“What is it? Has the dark organization made a move?”

But the contents of the message were disastrous.

“A massacre took place in the territory of the Mirai family, ruled by the hero, and the hero and his wife were killed by a mysterious monster.
The monster is heading toward the capital.”

What we were told was the sad news of the hero who had defeated the villainous Absolute Ark.

Back in time, before the hero was killed, Cruel-sama had come to see Ur off.

“Are you really going? You have a child with Absolute-sama…”

In the arms of Cruel-sama was a small beastman child.
She was worried about Ur, Absolute’s wife, but Ur’s appearance wasn’t the same as when she was still a child, and she had become a different person, a vengeful demon.
She couln’t stop now…

“I waited for the master’s return…I believed that he would come back…but he didn’t! I can’t live in a world without Master…”

It was a heartbreaking cry.
In the years since Absolute’s death, Ur could not find the value of living in a world without him.
Cruel-sama knows it won’t stop, but she pulls back.

“Absolute-sama told us at the end to live.
Some of them betrayed him and sold information about him, but he cared for us to the very end! You have a duty to live for Absolute-sama.”

Absolute didn’t send the nobles under his command to the battle between the hero and the king’s army, but only told them to live to the end and went to the battle alone.
He didn’t want to cause more damage with a traitor in the army, but he also thought that if he lost, he, who was hated by the king, would die and everything would be over.

In the original story, it seemed that the nobles under his control gave up on Absolute, but the truth is that it was what Absolute wanted.

“I’m no longer master’s slave…so I’ll do as I please.
Cruel-san, take care of Uriah… our child.”

Ur bows deeply to Cruel-sama.

(I can’t stop now…)

I can’t stop someone I have known for a long time from going to die in the future.
Cruel-sama felt the same helplessness she had felt when she let Absolute go alone.

“I understand.
If only we had realized Absolute-sama’s kindness earlier…this wouldn’t have happened.
I will take full responsibility for you.
For the last time…will you hold Uriah-sama?”

Ur holds Uriah gently and lovingly.

The tears that hadn’t flowed since the day she learned of Absolute’s death began to overflow.

“…I’m sorry for being such a bad mother.”

The young Uriah, perhaps inspired by her weeping mother, also began to cry.
The two hugged each other while crying, and this was the last time the mother and child would see each other.

[Mirai Territory]

Many people gather at the cathedral in Mirai territory every day.
There was Eliza, the saint who had defeated Absolute as a companion of the hero.

The doors of the cathedral opened and Saint Eliza welcomed the worshippers.

“Oh dear.
Hello, you in the lovely robe.
How can I help you today?”

She spoke in a gentle tone of voice.

“I came to pray for my late master…”

“Well, you lost your master at a young age, didn’t you? Don’t worry! Your voice will be heard.”

Hiding her face with her robe, Ur, in the cathedral, delivers her words to Absolute in heaven.

(Master, Ur will be there in a moment.)

When Ur finishes praying, Saint Eliza calls out to her

“I’m sure that your thoughts have reached your master.
What will you do now?”

“I have something I have to do for the Master.”

“I see.
I’m sure your master will be pleased.
By the way, what are you going to do?”

“…to kill them all.”

As soon as she had finished, Ur beheaded the saint.

“The first one.”

The saint’s head falls off, unable to cope with the surprise attack.

The other attendees screamed, but none of them were able to leave the cathedral and were killed by Ur.

The slaughter by Ur is about to begin.

Saint Eliza dies.

Ur goes to the house of the hero.

After killing the gatekeeper, Ur enters the compound.

She kills everyone in sight.
Then the commotion grows and many guards of the mansion appear.

“Get back! It’s too much for you.
I will do it.
I’m Maria Stella, a knight of valor.
You… you are a slave of the House of Ark, aren’t you? Is it revenge that brought you here? Ghost of the House of Ark! You will die here!”

Maria Stella swung down her sword.

But Ur, with her dynamic vision enhanced by her search-and-destroy skill, saw through the sword, clamped it between her fingers, and shattered it with her finger pressure.


“Revenge? I’m here to die.”

Maria Stella was helplessly beheaded by Ur.

“The second one.”

Maria Stella is dead.

After killing Maria and all the guards, Ur entered the house to search for the hero.

One room was caught in the search and the door to the room was opened.
It was Alicia Mirai’s office, and Alicia was there.

Alicia put away the last of her papers and looked at Ur.

“I thought I heard a commotion, but it was you.
A slave of the Ark family.
You want revenge, don’t you? I know it’s a little late for that, but I want to apologize to you about your master.
I’m sorry… if I had stopped the hero…”

Alicia’s regret was evident, but that didn’t stop her from urging her on.

“The master will not come back even if you apologize.
I will kill all of you.”

Alicia gave up everything and offered herself to Ur.

“One last favor… will you kill me quickly?”

Without pausing to think, Ur replied.

“I can’t do it.”

Alicia’s throat was then crushed so that she couldn’t scream.
Then her limbs were cut off and she was tortured to death.


Alicia Mirai died.

The hero was in the innermost room of the mansion.
He was having intercourse with his wife, Haniel, oblivious to the commotion in the mansion.
Ur bursts through the door.

“What is it?”

The hero is bewildered by the sudden turn of events.

“You are Ur, aren’t you? Thank goodness.
I was going to take you out when I attacked Absolute’s mansion, but you weren’t there, so I thought something must have happened to you! You’re covered in blood! What happened?”

“I found him… the hero!”

The hero spoke in a carefree manner, unaware of what was about to happen to him.

“Oh, you were looking for me! I see, you escaped from Absolute, but you didn’t know where I was.”

Ur glares at the person she has been waiting for.

“…You’re the one who did this to me… my master… aaaaaaah! Die, you bastard!”

She launches an attack toward the hero, but the hero summons a holy sword with his skill and manages to block it.

“Ur? Perhaps Absolute’s brainwashing hasn’t been lifted yet! Calm down, I’m not the enemy!”


Ur overwhelms the hero with her speed, but the hero was able to respond just in time.

(Why? She’s become much stronger than she was at the academy⁈)

Ur was upset.
The hero had defeated Absolute by a margin of 100,000 troops.
But he had still defeated Absolute.
Of course, his level had risen.

“Holy out!”

The hero’s attack hits Ur.
The hero’s attack dealt a lot of damage per blow due to the effect of his skill.
Ur took heavy damage and crawled to the ground.

“Ur! You are being deceived.
Absolute is a member of a dark organization, an evil that has been tormenting this country! He is a scumbag who has enslaved and tormented you, a young girl! You are still under Absolute’s control!”

Ur slowly gets up and contradicts the hero.

The master gave me a place to stay.
He cast a recovery spell on me when I was injured.
He fed me sweets.
He stroked my head a lot.
And he loved me.
He made me a mother….
Don’t make fun of my master!”

Ur attacks again, howling at the hero.
With his skill and number of moves, Ur overwhelms the hero.
But she is unable to break the hero’s defense.

“Holy out!”

The hero attacks, but Ur dodges just in time.

(I will end it here.
I will kill the hero.
I’ll use my beastification skill.)

The skill of beastification is a skill that turns the body into a beast, but as the level goes up, the body and power increase.
But at the cost of losing all reason while in beast form, you become a beast that just kills your opponents.

(Maybe I can’t go back to the way I was once I’ve used it… in the end, I wanted to die thinking about my master.)

Ur makes her resolve with one last thought of Absolute’s face.

“I love you…Master.
Activate beastification!”

Ur transforms into a wolf more than 10 meters long.

From this point on, Ur’s domination begins.

Original story Ur

Age 19


Beastification V10… [Transforms the body into the form of a beast.]

Size depending on its own level.

Changes according to its own level.

As the level increases, the rationality of the body disappears with each level.

Searching for the enemy V10…strengthens a part of the body

Location and terrain.


Level : 71

Physical ability : 407

Magic power : 70

Brain : 58

Magic learned



General maid, martial arts

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