Chapter 13: Slave’s Perspective 2

Ur was born the 22nd child in a family of werewolves.
Her parents wanted a strong, skilled child, but Ur was sold to a slaver when she was seven years old.

“I’ve been sold… If I’m going to be bought, I want someone kind.”

Ur laments her situation.

Then, Absolute and Ur met.
At their first meeting, Ur’s impression of Absolute was terrible.

What a scary man! And the Ark family is going to kill me.

Ur was bought by Absolute, and Ur was put in service to the Ark family in horror.
However, the Ark family’s environment was better than she thought.

(I was scared at first, but the Ark family is a surprisingly nice place! The food was delicious, Mito (48), who taught me how to do my job, and Maria, another slave, were kind to me, and even the scary master gave me sweets once in a while! I had never eaten sweets in my life!)

In the Ark family, where there are only elderly people, Ur’s presence is becoming an idol.
However, not all good things happen to her.


“What should I do? I broke an expensive vase!”

Ur was so relaxed in the peaceful environment of the Ark family that she made a mistake.
She tried to collect the broken vase with her hands, but the glass shattered.


Ur’s hand was cut by the glass and was bleeding.

Ur panicked, didn’t know what to do, and cried out.

“Ugh, it hurts, what do I do?”

“Hey, what are you crying about?”

She turned toward the owner of the voice.
It was Absolute-sama.

(He’s going to get angry!)

“What are you doing!?”

Absolute yelled at her, and Ur reflexively apologized.

“You’re covered in blood! Hurry up and show me your hands!”

Absolute took Ur’s wounded hand and used recovery magic.

She was surprised to see the healing magic for the first time and to have that scary master heal her.

“Don’t touch the shards of glass with your hands…use a broom.
Do you understand?”


[Dark Hall]

The shards of glass disappear into the shadows thanks to Absolute’s magic.
After cleaning up the shards, Absolute returned to his room.

That night, Ur thought only about Absolute.
He had been the object of her fear since they first met, and he was the son of the Ark family.
However, he also has a kind side, using recovery magic on her and occasionally giving her sweets.
She couldn’t tell which one was the real Absolute.

“I don’t know who the master is…”

Ur was troubled.
One day, she overheard Mito and Maria talking with her beast hearing and learned about Absolute’s skills.

She was so worried that everyone would hate him because of his skill, and that the master was the same as her.

Ur somewhat equated herself, who was sold by her family because of her skills, with Absolute, who was hated because of his skills.

She learned the truth about the Ark family when Absolute’s father, Villain, told her about his work.

But Ur was too young to know this truth.

She told Maria what she had heard and asked her to explain it to her.
Maria was astonished at what she heard, but she explained it to Ur.

The story brought tears to Ur’s eyes.
She was moved to tears because Absolute had no salvation.

“It’s too bad that the master doesn’t get rewarded for all the hard work he does for everyone.”

Everyone hates him because of his skills, and he works for the country, but they abuse him, let alone praise him.
To Ur, Absolute looked like a wreck.

“I know.
I thought the same thing before I found out, but the truth is different.
Our master is an amazing man.
He will continue to get hurt.
He will have more enemies, so we will always be by his side.
Even when he is in trouble, even when he is hurt, even when there is no one around.
Let’s follow that little back!” 

Ur nodded silently.

“Let’s start by welcoming him when he comes back from his mission!”

And so Ur and Maria waited for Absolute to return from his mission, but Ur fell asleep.

After learning the truth about the Ark family, Ur and Maria began to devote themselves to training.
With the help of Absolute’s occasional coaching, Ur steadily became stronger.

Then Absolute asked her to participate in a martial arts tournament, and she did so.
They were all so weak except for the hero, but she managed to win the tournament.

“Well done, Ur!”

Absolute patted Ur.
It was an itchy feeling for her, who had never been praised before, but it made her very happy.

But misfortune struck again.

She was summoned by Prince Michael.
Ur, who had no idea what was going on, was worried that she was going to be killed.

“If you haven’t done anything wrong, you won’t be killed.
He probably liked you at the last tournament, so they want to meet you or something like that.”

Ur despaired.
She thought that she would be dumped again, as she had been by her parents.

“Rest assured, I will not let you go.
If Prince Michael asks you to go with him, if you don’t want to go, say no.
Then I will do my best to protect you.
You belong to me.”

Ur was happy with Absolute’s answer.
It was because she thought she was needed.

Absolute’s answer blew away Ur’s despair that she would be abandoned again.
There was a sense of security that she would never be abandoned.

In fact, Absolute protected Ur from Michael.

(Master is kind… strong and cool… my heart burns when I think of him.)

Ur speaks to Absolute from her true heart.

“Hey, Master.
Ur is willing to die for your sake!”

He gave Ur a place to stay, a bed to sleep, food to eat, strength to fight, protection from authority, and this warm feeling.
No one in Ur’s life had ever given so much to her.
So she was willing to give everything she had to Absolute.

I am not so weak that I must sacrifice you! Let’s go home, Ur.”


And they went home.

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