day, technically yesterday now, two soldiers were wounded, but now the reconnaissance is over.

The mountain itself is very steep and has many places where Vios can ambush us, so lately stakeouts are taking even longer to be completed in order for us to move on to the next mountain.

After crossing the third mountain, there will be a place to rest on the plain below, so we were told that we would be able to rest a day there before continuing onto the next mountain.

Of course the mountain will be rough as well, but the priests were all set at ease when told that the soldiers were already familiar with the road, even though it would take longer to cross.

Even so, I was completely restless.
Vios, who everyone thought would be conquered easily, was still putting up a fight.

I heard that the western border was called a fortress because of the very existence of these rugged mountain ranges, so there’s not only a man-made fortress, but also a natural one made with special topography.

So they say that it will be easy to reach the territory of Vios once we pass this area….

I’ve been seeing soldiers bleeding before me for six days straight now.
Luckily none of them have been critical yet, but seeing the soldiers limping and losing blood is not comforting at all.

In fact, if it were’t for the healers, the number of casualties would be much higher, yet the road is still getting more difficult.

In addition, healers are having to use their powers every day, and it’s evident that their energy is draining more quickly than before.
If the first day they were charged at 100%, now, no matter how much they sleep, they are only topped at 60% or 70%.

I suppose going back alive is still likely…

But I still feel like protesting to those who had reassured me.

When I go back to the temple, I want to shout and demand that Priest Timotheo bring me hot ice.
I knew a ‘safe war’ was rubbish.
Maybe he was using a paradox to deliver a strong message to the perception of war as a joke.

Phew A sigh escaped from me.
Since I hadn’t used divine power or been otherwise occupied today, it was impossible for me to sleep.
I tossed and turned for about ten minutes more, but got up at the end.
I should take a walk for some fresh air.

I carefully put on my shoes and went outside the barracks.
As soon as I walked through the tent, the entrance let a cold breeze of the night leak through, so I quickly closed the tent.
I even checked carefully to see if the wind would slip through or if it was closed properly.


The air became colder as dawn greeted the mountains.
Because the surrounding area was full of trees and grass, it gave off a unique, damp fragrance.

Can you possibly see the dew at night?…

I looked up at the sky thinking blankly, until my coat was blown open again by the cold breeze, waking me up.

Outside the barracks, fire was blazing at regular intervals.
There were two soldiers who seemed to be standing guard, but they must have been very tired, since they were standing there and dozing off little by little.

I felt self-conscious about waking them up, so I looked at them regretfully and walked very carefully around.
I should just walk around the base camp for a bit and then go back.

One step, two steps, three steps.
 When I was just about to take four steps, I heard a cold voice from behind me.

“What are you doing out here at dawn?” 

His voice was so cold that I had to wonder if the chill of dawn somehow infused itself inside him.

Even though we don’t talk much, I knew who it was as soon as I heard his voice, and my shoulders trembled. 

 “Oh, hello.”

So I turned around and wore an ambiguous smile.
 The moon shone so brightly that my view was completely clear.
Only the violet eyes looking down at me seemed endlessly dark. 

It was obviously due to the devastation around his eyes, yet I couldn’t help being a little frightened meeting such a desolate person at dawn.

“I asked what you were doing.” 

I became even more afraid by the suspicion in his eyes.
It did appear very strange that I would come out of the barracks secretly at this hour of the night when we are fighting a war against Vios.

“I couldn’t sleep, so I came out to take a short walk.”

I expressed my intentions very politely.
I was very surprised by his sudden appearance, but Duke Willard’s current suspicion was valid, so I responded with courtesy without revealing any embarrassment.

However, despite my explanation, the Duke looked down at me with his face tilted slightly back, as if he didn’t believe me.
The eyes that I looked into were really damn scary.

“The priests usually go to bed early because they are tired.”

“Oh, there were only a few minor injuries today so I didn’t do any treatments.”

“….and you, you usually seem to have a hard time hiking.
Are you feeling that much better after a few days’ rest?”

The Duke refuted my words again, frowning slightly as he spoke.
Even that small scowl was enough to frighten me, making my heart drop with a heavy thump.
But I was very surprised by the words that followed, so I didn’t know know what to say…only a stupid sound came out.*

[tl/n*: I’m assuming she means she made a small sigh or weird noise in response.
There was no further explanation so idk.]  

How did the Duke know that? Ah, no.
It was understandable.
I’m the last person to walk up the mountain, the one who struggles the most.

When I clung to Lily because I was afraid of falling behind, she always laughed and waited for me.

Well, so it’s easy enough to know….
realizing this, I became a little embarrassed and laughed awkwardly.
 But the Duke didn’t laugh at all, so I quickly closed my mouth.

The silence became long.
The air resounded with the chirping of grasshoppers and the swaying of grass.
The sound of the wind breaking between the trees was a bit bizarre, but also strangely stabilizing, and I eventually opened my mouth.

 “Actually, it’s the first time I’ve been to war.”


“Oh, of course, you said before it’s not a real ‘war,’ but…people getting hurt before my own eyes is still upsetting.”

I’ve only ever experienced death myself, I’ve never actually witnessed it…  

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