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Posted by on Jan 19, 2009 in Spring Break, Stories, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Spring Break Choices

It’s the beginning of the semester. What does that mean? Well, yes there is a new class schedule to learn. Books to buy. Parties to attend. And a Spring Break to start planning. If the latest economic trials have reminded you yet again how much it sucks to be young and poor at a time like this well you might be surprised what you actually can afford. The catch is that you may just have to go on a much, much cooler Spring Break trip than you imagined. One great airline to take advantage of—especially if you’re near an airport that carries it—is Southwest Airlines.

sunset by sarcozonaIf you’re flying out of Nashville, did you know that there are daily non-stop flights that go all over the country? And there are a few locales that Southwest flies to that are consistently on the cheap. I find tickets to Orlando all the time for $69 each way. Last year three of my friends and I managed to swing $39 tickets to and from Chicago. My friend is from there. *Sidenote: always try to visit places where you have a free place to stay. Why go to Ft. Walton for $100 a night when you can go to Ft. Myers where your friend’s Aunt Ida has a condo and stay for free? In Chicago we had comfy beds, a fully stocked fridge, and mass transportation via train/subway so we didn’t need to rent a car. A big fabulous city offers exciting nightlife, live theatre, a ton of shopping options, museums and restaurants for every foodies’ taste. Cities like Chicago and Toronto have almost everything that New York offers but with less tourists. And who likes being crowded by a bunch of people who forgot their deodorant and their manners anyway?road trip by kenlund

If you’re thinking warmer is better for Spring Break, try somewhere you haven’t been before. Charleston, SC is a beautiful town with its own unique southern charm. Or how about Wilmington, NC? Maybe you’ll bump into a local celeb. (One Tree Hill films there.)

Camping is also a fun alternative. Although I have to be honest—since I’ve never done it I can’t push that option too much. But I have friends who have done it and they seem to have loved the whole campfire thing. I just prefer mattresses.

Really the most affordable/unforgettable spring break you can take is a road trip. Road trip anywhere. Find a few friends who want to commit. Figure out where they live and where they know people who wouldn’t mind a few visitors. Map it out and see where your adventures take you. There are plenty of free things that come up when you know people. For example, this past summer I got into Dollywood for free cause my friend’s uncle works there. Who knew?

It is fair and smart to try to work every angle. There is no need to spend a fortune for spring break or to resort to doing nothing either. All it takes is a little creativity and planning. And four heads are better than one so ask your friends for ideas. Also check for crazy good airline deals only for students. Maybe a week in London isn’t so far fetched after all…

By Hillary Sutton

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