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Posted by on Dec 26, 2008 in Stories | 0 comments

Say Cheese! Thrifty Travel Photography Tips

camera by garryknight

camera by garryknight
How many people do you know who take pictures for the sole purpose of posting them on facebook?

With the invention of the iphone, Galaxy s, and blackberrys with cameras installed people are even snapping photos and loading them directly onto their facebook accounts via mobile uploads.

We are all concerned about the composition of our vacation photos, especially because in the coming days those pictures will be splattered all over the Internet.  With the invention of the iphone and blackberrys with cameras installed people are even snapping photos and loading them directly onto their facebook accounts via mobile uploads.  Does anyone even remember what it was like to wait for photos to be developed? Sometimes we want to have that cool look to our photos, but dont have the money or the time to work at creating perfect, cool looking images. Those of us who don’t have the ability to take pictures via cell phone or pricey digital camera should still be able to document our trips without shelling out a lot of cash. Trust me, it is possible to snap some amazing shots without breaking the bank.

Disposable Cameras

Some may scoff at the use of disposable cameras, but for a vacation they can be key.  Buy a pack of cameras and throw them in your bag.  Try tricks like fogging the lens with your breath or tape a small piece of colored cellophane over the whole front of the camera giving your images a slight tint.  Kodak Max Water & Sport single use cameras can even be used under water.  Takes some time to sink to the bottom of the pool and take pictures while you play tea party; perhaps some shots of a rousing game of Marco Polo? Get creative!

Today, digital cameras are the norm, but you don’t have to spend a lot to be able to snap some shots of your vaca and upload them into your computer. In fact, there are some digital cameras that are so small they can fit on a key chain, and so advanced that they can perform some very cool functions.  The Jazz JDC5 Ultra Compact Mini Digital Camera can hold up to 245 pictures, can capture video, and can even be used as a webcam.  The cool thing is that even if you plan to take a lot more than 245 pictures, you can dump them onto your computer daily and delete them from the camera immediately following.  At just under $10 a pop, these cameras are an excellent piece of equipment to carry with you while you travel.  Compact, convenient, and cute. What more could you want in a camera?

Holga Camera

If you are looking to take some really cool shots and have the urge to really take some time and get creative, consider a Holga camera.  Holga cameras were first released in 1982 in China.  Initially intended as an inexpensive option for holga camera by untitled13working class people who wanted to own a camera, Holga cameras have recently reappeared in the artsy underground photography scene.  Although these plastic cameras look like toys, they can be used to take some stellar pictures with minor distortions or an ethereal fog.  No matter what, your photos look retro and awesomely vintage.  Be sure to buy your Holga online.  They are available at trendy retailer Urban Outfitters, however they are marked up exponentially.  A Holga should run you no more than $30; Try for a great deal!

Practice Makes Perfect

Above anything, practice with your camera at home before you go.  Go out in your yard and snap a few shots with a disposable camera, with your new tiny digital camera, your plastic Holga or even with your old Kodak that you used the summer you were in second grade.  Cheap photography can give photos a really cool dated look.  Now you can be one of those artsy people who snaps awesome shots of their friends jamming on a beach or hanging out in the woods.  Take the prints to a Kinkoes and scan them into a computer, or get them developed at a drug store like CVS or Walgreens and have them put your pictures on a disk. Be the one who posts pictures that are worth more than a shot you’ve taken of yourself making a kissy face… just don’t tell anyone that it cost you under $20 to do it!  Muah!

Key Chain Camera!

Disposable Kodak Max

Check Out Amazon- Holga Camera

By Alexandra Gury

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