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Posted by on Jan 19, 2009 in Stories | 0 comments

How to Keep Your Things Safe Without Wearing a Fanny Pack

When I was a kid, I thought that fanny packs were the COOLEST things ever invented. I would bounce around in my living room with crimped hair watching New Kids on The Block videos with all of my belongings (mostly scrunchies and candy) strapped to my waist. Look ma, no hands! Although the 80’s are making a swift comeback, it is almost certain that you don’t want to be seen walking around with your fanny pack by funlapvaluables stuffed into a nylon marsupial pouch. No, you want to keep your belongings safe, and your everyday cash and necessities on hand without looking like a total dweeb.

Pack Smart

When vacationing, it is always smart to keep an extra set of your essential belongings, and we’re not talking socks and underwear. Backups can save your ass when you find yourself in a bind, but to cut down on the things you carry; leave the spare set of essentials in your hotel room. Be sure to take two forms of identification with you when you travel, and leave one safely tucked in your room. Do the same with credit cards, cash, and travelers checks. When you hit the street, carry your wallet as usual, but keep a single travelers check in a separate compartment in your purse, or a separate pocket in your jeans just in case you are pick pocketed or inadvertently drop your wallet. The second identification, emergency credit card, and travelers checks in your hotel room should be kept in the hotel safe. This way if heaven forbid your belongings are violated, you are safeguarded against difficulty returning home. Do not leave the backups in your hotel room unless they are stored securely.

Finding the Perfect Solution

A great solution for travelers who are worried that their hotel room may not be equipped with a safe that will guard their property, a PacSafe bag guard is perfect. The PacSafe guard is a safety system that can be wrapped around your bag to guarantee protection from tampering. With the PacSafe adjustable guard that has a high-tensile stainless steel locking device, you can keep the luggage of your choice safe. This slash-proof bag cover with the ability to lock to a secure fixture (like a closet hanger rod) is the perfect safeguard against maids with sticky fingers.

It is important when you are in a new place to keep your wits about you. Ladies, always keep your purse slung across your body with the bag in front of you. Guys, never keep anything in your back pockets. Public transportation including trains and busses are known haunts for pickpockets. Watch your belongings extra carefully while checking out street performers. At times groups of pickpockets will work a crowd, grabbing wallet after wallet from spectators as they merrily take in a show. If someone is standing close enough that they make you uncomfortable at all, do not hesitate to move.

Safe and Stylish

So what attractive products can you carry with you to give you absolute peace of mind that no thief can get to your essential belongings? Travel Smith is a company who caters to travelers asking that very question. Although the company does carry fanny packs, they also carry some very cool alternatives for both men and women. Ladies, try the Medium Microfiber Security Shoulder Bag. This secure everyday bag is shaped like a purse but is guarded like a fortress. With a stainless steel cable running the length of the strap and security clasps connecting the zipper pulls, this bag is virtually slash proof and impossible for a thief to rustle into unnoticed. The purse is equipped with ten pockets and is made from water resistant material that is strong yet soft. In colors including red, taupe, and black, and even a trendy leopard print version, this bag will keep you stylish and safe against slippery thieves.

For men, try the Slash-Proof Neck Pouch. This pouch is designed to be worn comfortably around the neck and under your shirt. With a steel slash proof strap running through the body of the bag, it is virtually thief proof. The bag’s separate compartments for currency, tickets and passports make this travel accessory super convenient while remaining inaccessible to anyone but you. A great unisex option for keeping some extra emergency cash on hand is the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt. This belt looks exactly like any other fashionable belt that you would wear to keep your pants from sagging, but this belt has a secret; it holds money. With a secret compartment that sits on the inside of the belt, the belt allows you to keep some extra cash on hand without crowding your boot or chafing your ankles while stuffed into your sock. The Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt secures you against the possibility of being stranded with no cash; as long as you don’t dip into that emergency cash to buy a novelty shot glass.

Traveling safe is easy to do if you use your common sense and street smarts. Don’t bring your computer with you on a trip, use an Internet café for your web needs instead! Be sure to keep your cell phone accessible and guarded. When traveling abroad consider buying a cheap pay-as-you-go phone. In most countries these phones are even available at gas stations and convenience stores, and can be essential in a pinch. And always, ALWAYS trust your instincts, because more often than not, your gut instinct is the one that is correct. Guard your stuff, have fun, and keep yourself from being mistaken for an 80’s fanatic all at once.

By Alexandra Gury

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