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Posted by on Jan 15, 2009 in SEC, Stories | 0 comments

Girls of the SEC

Most sports websites have at some point ranked the SEC schools in terms of hot girls, well now it is my turn.  I feel that my list will be much more precise due in a large part to the 8 years of research I have poured into this article.  My five years at UGA, followed up by three in Atlanta, and now 6 months in Nashville at Vanderbilt puts me in a unique position to really give an accurate portrayal.

Now instead of ranking the schools 1-12, I have decided to create a three tier system.  This is because this is such a subjective topic; think of it as the equivalent to the hotter super model:  Heidi Klum or Marissa Miller.  It simply isn’t possible.


If you snag one of these you are more than likely out kicking your coverage

All four of these schools have a lot in common in that all of them are the flagship universities of their states, so they get the pick of the liter in terms of the beauties.  So without further ado, here is the cream of the crop in alphabetical order.

Alabama:   I have spent a lot of time in T-Town, and I can attest, the girls there are amazing.  I would classify them as a lower maintenance version of an Ole Miss girl.  Bama girls are always dressed to the nines be it for a tailgate or a night at Gallettes, and they make it look good.  One thing, if you dislike the Crimson Tide, then I would stay clear.  These ladies are zealously passionate about the Tide, so if you hate Nick Saban and Bear Bryant, then you could be in for a rough time with a Bama Babe.

Georgia:  Maybe I am biased, but UGA girls are the best of the best in the conference.  There is just something about those little black dresses they wear to games that really gets to me.  UGA gets the top girls in the state, and their reach stretches all the way to Dallas, TX for top talent, so there are plenty to choose from.  Smart, pretty, and most of them down to earth; don’t let an opportunity to date a UGA girl get away.

Ole Miss:  Much has been written over the years about all the beauty queens that have come from Oxford, and I can attest after a few trips to The Grove for games.  When you go to a game in Oxford the eye candy is literally overwhelming, as the ladies get dressed up and treat tailgating like it is fashion week in New York.  I will say, that Ole Miss girls are a little high maintenance, as when you talk to one you will probably get asked the question “What does your dad do?”, but in most cases these ladies are worth every penny you have to drop on them.

South Carolina:  I will admit, until recently I didn’t have too much exposure to the ladies of Columbia.  I have been to a few games down there, and like with UGA girls, these gals look great in their little black dresses.  After getting to know these ladies better I will say that they are a great group, as they combine a passion for the gamecocks with their southern charm like no other.  I will venture to say the beauties of the low country are the hidden gem of the SEC.

You won’t kick these ladies out of bed for eating crackers

Just because a school is in my tier two, that doesn’t mean they don’t have an abundance of hot girls, remember this is simply one man’s list.

Auburn:  Auburn is at a disadvantage in this area because it plays second fiddle to Bama and UGA in terms of recruiting top talent.  For some reason, most Auburn girls I’ve come across love to hunt, which I guess could be a dream come true for some guys.  If you want eye candy in the deer stand with you, then head on down to Toomer’s Corner and pick you up one of these lady tigers.

Kentucky:  I have a rather small sample size to go from for the girls from the bluegrass state, but my experiences have all been good ones.  I knew some beautiful girls in Atlanta who were supporters of big blue.  Something about the state that gave us the Kentucky Derby and Ashley Judd makes me think my small sample size represents a real nice population of beauties.

Tennessee:  UT is so close to being in the top tier.  I think the problem with them is that girls just don’t look nearly as hot in orange dresses as they do in black ones.  Especially since I have lived in Tennessee, I have really been impressed with the young ladies who once called Knoxville home.  I definitely wouldn’t mind having to get a “house divided” license plate due to meeting a rocky top queen.

  “Vandy Candy” couldn’t be a more appropriate nickname for the ladies representing the only private school in the SEC.  As such, Vandy gets some of the richest and hottest girls from the all over the country.  This diverse setting is great for those that are looking for either traditional southern sorority types, or a modern cosmopolitan lady.

Third tier, but still way hotter than any of those Big 10 hags

I can already tell I will get some heat for at least two of the schools I am putting in this tier.  I probably should leave my personal feelings about the schools aside, but whatever, this is my article.  If you don’t like it, post a comment.

Arkansas:  I was amazed by the beauty that was the campus in Fayetteville, sadly though I didn’t notice too many hot girls while tailgating and attending the one game I’ve been to.  Also, when Arkansas played UF two years ago in the SEC Championship, the only Hog fans I saw were 40 year old dudes with beer bellies.  Despite this, I have no doubt there are some beauties that like to go hog wild up there, but I just haven’t seen them.

UF:  Okay, I’m sure there are babes in Gainesville, heck, I’ve seen a lot of hot girls at the World’s Largest Cocktail Party, but I will always view a UF girl as 2nd class, because of my fierce distaste for UF.  Us UGA people love to make fun of jean shorts, but on the right UF Coed, they can look pretty dang hot that much is certain.  If you are looking for a wild little gator, there should be a plethora of options down in the swamp.

LSU:  Another one that probably many will disagree with.  The ladies from the bayou just have never really done it for me.  There was a large contingent in Atlanta when I lived there, and I could see how many would view them as really hot, but for me they just have never done the trick.  Perhaps I am still scarred by the sorority girl that was laying into me with f bombs at Tiger Stadium for no reason other than because I was wearing a red shirt, classy lady.

MSU: The other bulldogs sadly don’t really have an equal in the SEC, not only do they suck at football, but there are no hot girls there.  When your in-state rival is Ole Miss, it is always an uphill battle when trying to attract the ladies to campus.  I hate to pour it on (Sorry T-Diddy), but there is nothing attractive about a girl ringing a cowbell at a football game.

So there you have it, my list of the top girls in the SEC.  Again, all these ladies are hotter than any girl that has ever gone to a Big 10 school, or the babe magnet that is Georgia Tech.   If this list doesn’t meet your approval, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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