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Posted by on Jan 21, 2009 in Spring Break, Stories, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Escape to Fort Lauderdale

Painting a word picture describing the beauty of Florida’s beaches tends to become somewhat trite if you are not careful. Overusing superlatives and adjectives such as beautiful, incredible, amazing, or marvelous is easy to do and commonplace when illustrating how things are along Florida’s coast. These routine descriptions are not without reason; Florida has some of the most magnificent beaches and attractions in the United States and arguably in the world. In particular, South Florida’s coastline is a prime destination for beach lovers and
fun seekers from all over the globe or around the block. If you love swimming in clear, bluish-green water; if you enjoy lazy days relaxing in the sun no matter what time of year it is; if you want to indulge in great food and a festive nightlife, then paint your own mental picture of what you think Fort Lauderdale is all about. Whatever your mind creates, know that your escape from everyday life is waiting. Pack the car.

If you are coming to Fort Lauderdale only to take advantage of the beach, you are covered; spend the entire trip in the sun with your friends. You will not be the first to chain yourself exclusively to the beach and you will for sure not be the last. For the explorer types, however, your escape to Fort Lauderdale can include checking out other areas in addition to the beach.videoal

The Best Areas

Luckily for you, most of Fort Lauderdale’s more popular areas are either on the beach or very close to it so you will not have far to travel. The Las Olas and Riverwalk areas near downtown are great places to explore and are only a few miles from some of the Fort’s more popular beach areas. If you go that route, South Beach Park (located on the beach just south of Las Olas Boulevard) is a cool place to have a picnic or just lounge in the sand. Generally, the authorities are lax on most regulations because everyone travels to Florida to have a good time. You can have your fun but be smart and keep it in a plastic cup. The main concern is keeping the beaches clean, so be courteous and avoid glass bottles if possible.

Another area worth checking out is Hollywood

It is around ten miles south of downtown Fort Lauderdale. The very popular Hollywood Boardwalk stretches roughly from Hollywood Boulevard in the south to Sheridan Street in the north. There are great restaurants, bars, shops, and a variety of lodging accommodation
s all along the boardwalk. On top of this, the fun of the boardwalk is adjacent to some of Broward County’s best beaches. Locals and tourists alike flock to Hollywood’s Boardwalk to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

arieanna316Just over a mile east of the boardwalk on Hollywood Boulevard is downtown Hollywood, a great place to hang with some locals. The downtown area is loaded with great restaurants and watering holes but usually not overrun with tourists. After dark, the nightlife cranks up and you have a variety of options ranging from dance clubs to hometown favorite bars. Do not be fooled by the Fort Lauderdale area’s close proximity to Miami; the atmosphere is very different in almost every category. Both regions are fun, have many attractions, and cater to a variety of interests, but you will probably not find the glitz and glamour notorious of Miami in Hollywood or many other parts of the Fort Lauderdale vicinity.

With any luck, this article has been effective in not overusing superlatives and adjectives when describing the magnificent Fort Lauderdale area or its beaches! If you are still working on the mental picture, make some room in that melon for planning a road trip to the Fort. Call your friends, pack a bag, spend a few minutes researching, and let Fort Lauderdale be your escape. You will not be disappointed.

By: Gordon Alford

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