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Posted by on Jul 12, 2011 in Adventure, Mountains, Road Trips, Stories, West Coast | 0 comments

Walkifornia – Trails and Walks of California

Check out Ryan Common’s website Walkifornia, which details some of the best hikes in California’s Bay Area!

THE DISH: A Complete Video Summary of a Walk at the Stanford Dish
The Dish is among the most popular Bay Area trails. Visitors are sure to
see diverse wildlife including squirrels, hawks, herons, deer and
possibly a coyote. The main loop is a rolling 3.5 mile trail that is
well paved and and excellent for baby strollers. Runners and walkers
also enjoy the trail.

MISSION PEAK: A Complete Video of the Hike from Stanford Ave.
The hike up Mission Peak is a challenging 1,750 foot climb over 2.9
miles to a view of the entire Bay Area. Oaks, poppies, coyotes, turkeys
and squirrels will join you as you ascend to the Bay Area’s most
rewarding view: 360 degrees that include San Francisco, San Jose,
Oakland, the Sierras, and rolling California hills.

SKYLINE TRAIL: A Video of the Trail from Huddart Park to Wunderlich Park
The hike from Huddart Park to Wunderlich Park is a rolling 4.8 mile section (9.6 round-trip) with less than 500 feet of total climbing. The trail starts on Kings Mountain Road a few miles above the Huddart Park official entrance. Second-growth Redwoods, madrones, coast live oaks, ferns, moss, banana slugs, and wildflowers will join you as you saunter through a mostly shaded forest. The video below offers a clear idea of what the hike is like and how to prepare for the trail. I also provide planning recommendations, helpful links, and a gear list below. I respond to all posts in the comment section.

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