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Posted by on Jan 22, 2009 in Road Trips, southeast, Stories | 0 comments

The Biggest Little City In The South: A Guide To Charleston, South Carolina


What constitutes the reasoning behind calling a city big? Is it high-rise buildings, a population in the millions, or nerve-wracking traffic? Perhaps, but these responses are conventional and often leave out a number of cities deserved of more respect. Charleston, South Carolina could quite possibly be the largest, smaller city in the south and one of the most exciting places to visit in the entire United States. So what makes it so big, you might be asking? Not necessarily its geographical size, but with enough activities to seemingly occupy a month and never do the same thing twice, Charleston has all of the pluses of a metropolis with almost none of the negatives. Fabulous cuisine, shopping, and outdoor activities just to name a few attractions make this historical port city the perfect place to visit on a road trip.


Best Food In The South

Sometimes we recommend ways to save money on your road trips like buying groceries and only eating out when it is necessary. Those words will never make it to print about Charleston. First, you eat breakfast. Next, you eat lunch, a snack, and then save room for dinner and the ever-popular fourth meal. Charleston arguably has the best food in the south, easily being on the same level as New Orleans. For some divine reason, everything you eat will be delicious. You can enjoy seafood, ribs, and steaks, all cooked to perfections southern-style by skilled hands. That flavor comes from somewhere (probably the pound of butter or cup of lard) and diets are worthless in this town, so leave the guilt at home and just enjoy it while you have it.


Walk It Out

One benefit to losing your self-control at mealtime is that Charleston is a great walking city and you will have plenty of time to burn some calories before you eat again in a few hours. Depending on where you stay, Charleston is reasonably safe during all hours of the day, but always bring your common sense along for the road trip and never take any unnecessary risks. You should have no problems from Calhoun Street south all the way to the tip of the wharf so leave the car parked and enjoy Charleston’s beauty on foot.


Structurally Sound

Many of the structures are historic, original, and massive in size- especially the private residences. These southern mansions have been well preserved and are a beautiful reminder of how old Charleston really is. A stroll through the city at night is especially pretty because of the traditional gaslights still used on many of the buildings and on the street. Because of this, parts of the city can be very dark and spooky, and you might see a ghost if you are lucky or drunk enough.


Season Of Choice

Because there is not really a bad time of the year to visit Charleston weather wise, you are free to schedule a trip at your convenience. Sticking true to the south, summers are usually balmy and rather warm and the winters can be chilly. Fall and spring are somewhere in between, but because of Charleston’s close proximity to the water, there is always at least a slight breeze either working for or against you. No matter though, there is always something fun to do regardless of the season. So if you want to eat some of the best food you have ever eaten, explore a city drenched in history, and enjoy everything Charleston has to offer, take a road trip to the biggest little city in the south. You will not be disappointed. 

By: Gordon Alford

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