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Posted by on Jan 17, 2009 in July, Road Trips, southeast, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Go to a Braves Game

One of the best things to do on a spring day in Atlanta is to head down to Turner Field (The Ted) and watch the Atlanta Braves in action.  The key to heading down to the Ted is planning, especially for a weeknight game, as it will more than likely conflict with rush hour traffic.  Most evening games take place at 7:05pm, so my advice is to try and arrive by 6:15pm to give you plenty of time to get there.  Sadly, MARTA doesn’t have a direct line to The Ted, but rather has a bus line that takes you from the actual train stop to the stadium.

DO NOT use this means of getting to the stadium, as it will take forever to get from the stadium back to the train.  You are better off driving your car and parking in one of the outlying lots and paying the $10 to park.

Once you get to the field

A great place to hang out before heading to your seats is The Chophouse, which is located in right-center field.  The Chophouse is a great outdoor bar area that is usually made up of young people socializing, drinking, and enjoying the game.  Anybody over 21 with a ticket can get into The Chophouse.  You can stay there for the entire game if you’d like, as many young people are prone to doing this.

Head to Virginia Highlands

Unlike in many other baseball cities, there aren’t any night spots around the stadium to have a beer at before heading home, so your best bet is to quickly get over to Virginia Highlands.  The best way to do this is to get on I-20 East and then go north on Moreland Ave.  This will take you directly into the heart of The Highland’s vibrant bar scene.

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