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Posted by on Mar 18, 2009 in Beaches, Places To Go, Road Trips, southeast | 0 comments

The Perfect Place To Slow Your Pace: MCRT’s Guide To Savannah, Georgia

The Southeast is home to some of the most picturesque cities in the United States. Among them is Savannah, a quaint historic town situated near the coast close to the Georgia/South Carolina border. Although the city is rather small, it makes up in beauty and charm what it lacks in geographical size. Savannah restaurants serve up delicious Southern cuisine and shopping fans will enjoy the city’s fashionable boutiques. Even with a vibrant atmosphere, Savannah still clings to its traditional roots making it the perfect place to visit if you want to slow your pace.

Urban Beauty

Known, among other things, for its lush gardens and public parks, Savannah is a great place to visit if you enjoy urban beauty. The city’s natural splendor combined with its small size and magnificent architecture make Savannah an ideal walking town. Exploring a city on foot is never a bad idea, even if you have been there a dozen times before, so leave the car somewhere safe and hit the streets.

olvwuDespite each city having unique qualities, Savannah shares many of the same admirable attributes as Charleston, South Carolina. Savannah’s beautiful and well-preserved Southern mansions offer a glimpse into the past and a reminder of how old the city is. Walk among these giant structures and imagine what life was like when they were built. Regardless of how progressive Savannah has become, it never seems to lose its traditional Southern charm. Since maintaining the town’s heritage remains a strong point for its residents and supporters, visitors will benefit from Savannah’s historic ambience.

River Street

Spend some time exploring historic River Street located adjacent to the Savannah River. Albeit a hot tourist spot, you will find interesting shops, a variety of restaurants, and other various attractions to peruse. If nothing else, River Street is a cool place to have a drink and watch the large ocean liners navigate the narrow channel of the river. When you need a break, stroll through the city’s parks until you find the perfect one. Then lie back on the grass and watch as the Spanish moss sways gently in the trees. Take in the smells of the park and the city; relax yourself completely. After all, you came here to unwind, did you not? Imagine what life was like in the eighteenth century and how much, or how little, things have changed. Living history surrounds you in this town; you may be gazing at the same tree your ancestor stared at almost three hundred years ago! You never know.

No Worries

Savannah is a charming Southern town and an ideal place to take a weekend road trip. Get ready to eat great, take in some beautiful sights, and explore everything this historic city has to offer. If you run into Paula Deen, ask her for some recipes or better yet, to fry you up something tasty. So go, enjoy Savannah and its lure. Just remember that this city is the perfect place to lose your worries and slow your pace, at least for a short time.

By: Gordon Alford

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