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Posted by on Apr 9, 2009 in Adventure, Mountains, Places To Go, Spring Break, West Coast | 0 comments

Spring Break In Lake Tahoe

Ski Resorts, beaches, casinos, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Why going to Lake Tahoe for spring break is the best plan ever. 

If you’re like me spring break means one thing, Snowboarding.  However, while you may be willing to live in sub-zero temperatures all week, many of your friends probably want go somewhere warm. This can lead to many heated arguments while trying to figure out where to go. You want to go to Whistler and they want to go to Cancun. Well, luckily there is a place where you can all be happy. That place is Lake Tahoe. Sitting in North California, Lake Tahoe is the best of both worlds, with a geography that allows you to do whatever you want all within a day’s drive. This guide is to let you know of this spring break master plan, and then help you convince your crew to go with you.


Reasons to Go

Mountains: Lake Tahoe has a retarded amount of sick snowboarding all crammed in a very small area. There’s Northstar, Squaw Valley(home of the 1960 Winter Olympics), Sugar Bowl, and Mt. Rose are just a few of the resorts that are nestled in this area. This place is famous for big back country, big powder, and big air.

Lynn FagerlieBeaches: What makes Lake Tahoe unique is that it sits within a few hours’ drive of the beach. You can give in to your girlfriend and do one day at the beach and one day on the hills; or you send the lazy people to the soak up the sun while you tear it up. Also, there is some pretty sweet surfing spots.

San Francisco: Just like the beach, San Francisco is within driving distance of the mountains. Things like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and the Fisherman’s Warf are reason enough to make the trip into town. But honestly we all know why you’ll go, the nightlife is legendary! This city is one of the biggest party cities in the country; just make sure you find out what kind of club you’re heading into before you pay a cover.

Reno: That’s right I said it.  Lake Tahoe is 45 minutes for Reno. Sure, it’s not Vegas ,but I am under the firm conviction that every college student must experience a party in Reno. Trust me, the stories that come from Reno are some of the craziest you will ever hear.


Inside Scoop

Assuming you are the average college student, you want to do as much as possible on your break for as little as possible.  Here are some tips well help you save some cash so you can spend it on something cooler.

•Look up lift tickets online. Prices at the resort can be pretty stout, but almost all the hills have some killer student deals online. You can even check on e-bay for multi-day passes.

•Stay in Reno. I mean you should stay there regardless but that town will host you for half the price as its Californian neighbors.

•If you’re in San Francisco, go to the Anchor Brewing Company, which has free weekday tours with samples.

•If you’re flying, check for flights into Sacramento. It’s a small airport close to Tahoe which has some good deals.

•Don’t be afraid to rent a mini-van. They hold everyone and all your gear, and if you can pull it off you’re the king.

By Devin Page

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