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Posted by on Jan 19, 2010 in Adventure, Beaches, International, Places To Go | 0 comments

Paradise for $20 a night – Pichilemu, Chile

When reading through normal travel websites and hotel brochures one thing that can be overwhelming is how expensive everything is. However, if you take it upon yourself to search out those special places in the right country then you can find a piece of paradise at an affordable price. One without a doubt is the Islands in Southern Thailand and one that I’ve now added to my list is Pichilemu, Chile.

Pichilemu is a quiet surfer town 3 hours south west of Santiago. The $10 bus ride is easy and they even showed movies in the nice air-conditioned coach. The town itself is just okay and is filled with Chilean tourists and some cool shops, but the real hidden gem is the Surfer Hostel. Started by “Dutchman Marcel Janssen, brillant windsurfer, in love with Pichilemu and living in the village since 94, opens with Natalia and son Martin their Pichilemu Surf Hostal.

Pichilemu Surf Hostal is located right on the beach of Infiernillo of Pichilemu. Pichilemu is famous for the many watersports that you can practice here such as: surf, windsurf, kitesurf, sea canoo and even tow-in as the waves can reach up to 7-8 meters at their highest. Amongst this sea-life you can often see seawolves, penguins, dolphins swimming around you when you are out surfing with pelicans overflying you. Pichilemu is a quiet town most of the year except for January and February, summer here where it can get pretty busy. Pichilemu has an awesome park filled with huge palm trees, a small cultural center, local fish restaurants and many other interesting features.“

This placed lived up to the hype and offered amazing views of surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers fighting the 8-15 ft waves. The hostel staff was extremely nice and we spent most of the day relaxing in their outdoor lounge area. The $20 a night room also included a warm breakfast of eggs, toast, jam, coffee, and fresh fruit juice which made it quite the steal. Also, the restaurant that is two doors down served some of the best dishes I’ve ever had. They had fresh fish filet stuffed with crab and ship as well as Seafood Gnocci that were amazing. They also have delicious fresh juices on a hot day or even hot chocolate to warm up from the windy beach.

Check out the video about the hostel and add Pichilemu’s Surfer Hostel as a stop on your next trip to South America.

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