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Posted by on Jun 10, 2009 in Adventure, International, Mountains, Places To Go, Spring Break | 0 comments

New Zealand – The Ultimate Road Trip

Watch Clark Brewer attempt NZ’s highest Bungee Jump

I am Clark Brewer and I have completed 24 years of my life, but this past one has, by far, been the most exhilarating. The good thing is it’s not even close to slowing down!

Last year I was working at a Real Estate Brokerage in Nashville, TN which was a great experience, but I did not feel ready to jump straight into that world. One thing that really did jump out at me, while I was working with these older men, was the fact that almost every person that I talked to about my life ahead, encouraged me to dream big after college. They told me to “Go! You will never be as free as you are right now.” They would say, “I wish I had left home and risked. I wish that I had done something nobody could imagine. I regret never seeing the world or living in a different place. I regret… well I regret being comfortable.” They would go on to say, “Now my life is filled with mortgage payments, a family that is dependant on me, and this job. I am tied down, I can’t go now.” Through their wisdom and clear hindsight, I considered this to be an invitation… so I made my escape.

My dreams led me through a journey I will never forget and a country I will hopefully soon return.  New Zealand was a place of beauty, untouched nature, sheep and most of all trout. It was a mans heaven. An adventure that most grown men could only dream of and I was there and I got to experience it all. I have only God to thank for this opportunity.

I spent three and a half months road tripping, fishing, working on sheep farms, and discovering who I was on my own.  It was beautiful.

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