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Posted by on Jan 19, 2009 in Beaches, Places To Go, Stories | 0 comments

Learn To Fly: Parasailing in The Bahamas

High above the waters, off the coast of The Bahamas, thrill-seekers take to the sky for an unprecedented view. Parasailing is sure to raise your heartbeat as you take in the cool air above the blue waters of the Caribbean. It’s an activity enjoyed by young and old alike, requiring only a small fee and a sense of adventure.

On the Island.

Colors are brighter in the Caribbean. Sounds are louder, and the people are nicer. The vibrant atmosphere is nothing short of amazing. It’s hard to believe you are only 50 miles off the coast of Florida. It is very easy to believe, however, that pirates once ruled Nassau. The city seems like something out of the movies. Constantly pulsating with a rich culture.

The Bahamians are always smiling. They are worry free and always love to celebrate. Just graduate? Married? Divorced? No matter why you need a good time, they will show it to you.

Finding an activity on the island is simple. Just by walking around you could discover opportunities. Snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, and jet skiing are just a few things you could do. In my personal experience, however, the most exciting activity you can find in The Bahamas is parasailing.

Welcome Aboard!

Your journey begins when you pay the boatman. Prices range, approximately, from 45-60 dollars. It is well worth the price and is usually booked as part of a vacation package.

You board the boat, pulse racing, as the gear is made ready. Prepare to be a human kite. As your being strapped in to the giant parachute you may have a sense of worry, but ultimately you will convince yourself that you are safe… hopefully.

When they finish fastening you to your flying mechanism, the boat will begin to accelerate. As you pick up speed they give the cable that connects you to the boat increasingly more slack. Before you know it, you are hundreds of feet above the water, seeing everything the island has to offer.

On Top of the World.

Once you’ve begun your flight, don’t forget to breathe. The view is astounding. Underneath your feet lies the turquoise water. Schools of fish are easily visible while they move through the ocean. As your journey continues you have a bird’s-eye view of the multicolored buildings along the coast.

Depending on the boat operator’s mood, he might play a practical joke on you. By stopping the boat while you are in mid-air, the parachute slowly plummets. Right as your feet touch the water the boat accelerates sharply and you quickly rise. It’s enough to make your heart feel like a machine gun.

This is life in High Definition. The higher you go, the cooler the air becomes. It’s an incredibly refreshing sensation. It seems as though you have only been in the air a few moments before you are slowly lowered back into the boat. Your hair probably doesn’t look as good, but the experience is well worth it.

The beautiful water and striking landscape are not easily forgotten. After the vacation is over, you may find yourself drifting off to that memory. Whether you’re behind your desk or staring off into space during your 8 a.m. class, you can recall paradise. Just try not to do it while you’re driving.

By Dylan Starer

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