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Posted by on Feb 10, 2009 in Beaches, Places To Go, southeast | 0 comments

Key West Freak Shows

If you are heading to Key West for spring break, or most likely anytime of the year there are some characters that you are likely to see!

These people are referred to as “Lifers” in Key West because they are out and about every day without fail. There are three main guys that come to mind when thinking about Key West. In order of most famous to least famous here they are:

Dominique – He is arguably the most famous street performer in the world. He is known for his show, Dominique and his Flying House Cats, which is performed almost every night at the sunset festival at Mallory Square. His show is located right behind the Hilton and features the cats doing all kinds of crazy things like jumping through hoops of fire, but he is the real show. He is completely out of his mind! He screams, laughs, and even speaks sarcastically to the Cats during the show. You will see him, looking like he hasn’t slept in weeks, ride and from the show on his old school bicycle.

Here you can see him as he makes his cat jump through a ring of fire:

Frisbee King – The second most ridiculous person in Key West can be found at Smathers Beach. He will be there every day without fail and can be spotted because of his outrageous outfits. He looks like Richard Simmons as a Bum! He wears little short shorts and carries a huge black duffel bag filled with….you guessed it…Frisbees. He has about 20 that he will throw around the beach, at people, and out into the ocean. He always refers to himself in third person, smells terrible, and will burn childrens’ ears with his crude, but funny Jokes.

Mr. Blackout – This guy doesn’t have an official name, but Mr. Blackout will do just fine because he is always dancing while drunk every night on Duval St. He is located right across the street from “The Bull” and will be holding on to a tree. He will make comical passes at hot college girls while continuing to use the tree like a stripper pole. If you are getting sick of a bar, grab a beer, walk down Duval St, and prepare to be ceaselessly entertained. If you have a picture of this guy email it in and we will post it ASAP, but for now turn your head or computer sideways and enjoy this amazing video!

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