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Posted by on Apr 2, 2009 in Adventure, International, Mountains, Places To Go | 0 comments

Jaccuzzi on the top of Mont-Blanc

After over six years of evolution, the concept of “jaccuzzi events” has led to the realization of a dream. After increasing the size to host more than 70 people for a concerto on the shore of Lake Geneva, after winter jaccuzzi events that became progressively crazier , after successes at higher and higher altitudes, we wondered if a jaccuzzi on top of the Alps would one day be possible.

For us, Jaccuzzi Events are parties that are thrown in unexpected and
exceptional places. It is a hobby invented, created and organized by
our own means with the help of our friends. Indeed, to organize such an
Event in the most remote places, it is not enough to spend evenings
designing and construction, the most important is to have lots of
friends. As it was out of the question to use the assistance of a
helicopter for a leisure, the entire system had to be light enough to
be carried by the participants.

During almost one year we searched for means to make the system more reliable and lighter. All components had to be as light as possible still functioning in an oxygen depleted atmosphere, under wind and freezing temperatures. We soon realized that a Jaccuzzi at the top of Mont-Blanc would be just as much a social challenge than technological…Read More and See More Pics

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