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Posted by on Aug 17, 2011 in Places To Go, Road Trips | 0 comments

Holiday World: A place worth celebrating all year round!


Even though Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, and the Fourth of July come but once a year, Holiday World is a theme park dedicated to celebrating these holidays everyday. Located in Santa Claus, Indiana, Holiday World is a quick three-hour drive from Nashville, and serves as one of the closest theme parks in the area. Perhaps not one of the most well known parks out there, Holiday World does have a lot going for it, especially for those of us on a college budget.  So before you knock it for the cheese factor (yes, they play holiday themed music according to each holiday represented), check out some of Holiday World’s bountiful offerings (and did I mention they have a water park too?).

The Park

Amongst a plethora of carnival rides, Holiday World boasts a couple of top rated roller coasters. According to, The Voyager is the number one wooden roller coaster on the planet, and The Raven is amongst the top ten coasters period. As they are wooden roller coasters, riders should beware they will be jerked around quite a bit, which could come as a surprise to many unsuspecting guests. If you’ve got a passion for roller coasters, then you’ll love the ease of riding your favorites again. The lines at Holiday World are of no comparison to what you’ll find at major theme parks. Here at Holiday World, the most you’ll be waiting is 45 minutes.

You definitely want to visit Holiday World during the summer season so you can take advantage of the water park, Splashin’ Safari. The Wildebeest is the world’s longest water coaster, which promises to be a quality ride, and certainly refreshing during those hot and humid summer days. The ZOOMbabwe is another globally recognized attraction, as it is the world’s largest enclosed waterslide. To ensure maximum relaxation, the water park has two lazy rivers where guests can let their heart rates rest a little before doing the amusement park circuit again.

Catering to a College Kid’s Wallet

Holiday World certainly has its fair share of nationally and globally recognized rides, but that’s not all that makes this park a great college destination. The prices are unbelievable, and for everything that’s included, there’s almost nothing NOT to love about this place. General admission tickets are about $43, and a two-day pass is just $65. There are always additional coupons available to bring those prices down even lower, not to mention the automatic $4 reduction for buying online. Included in the ticket prices are free parking, free sunscreen, and free, unlimited soda. That’s right, free, unlimited soda is available at nearly every major ride entrance throughout the park. Thirst will never be a problem here. If you’re used to paying triple the price for food in theme park restaurants, you’ll be shocked at the prices found at Holiday World, which are comparable to grabbing a full meal at McDonald’s. Holiday World really knows how to win over a college kid’s heart with deals like these!

Plan your trip today and check out for more information!

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