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Posted by on Jun 28, 2010 in Adventure, Beaches, Places To Go, Spring Break, Stories, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Highlights from Fly Fishing in New Zealand and Touring Australia

I just got back (June, 2011) from an awesome trip to Australia and New Zealand. I spent 12 days making my way from Fraser down to Sydney. Along the way, we drove landrovers on the beach, went surfing, petted kangaroos and koalas, threw boomerangs, and even saw a show at the Sydney Opera House.

From there I flew to the magical land of New Zealand. There I rented a car and headed straight to cathedral cove. Then I made my way to Taupo where I fly fished for 4 amazing days. I went blackwater rafting (like white water rafting, but 200ft underground in a cave) in Waitomo then headed to Auckland.

I ended the trip with a weekend in Melbourne before flying to Sydney for one more day. More to come with the write-up, but for now here are some pictures.

- Andrew

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