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Posted by on Jun 10, 2009 in Adventure, International, Places To Go, Stories, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Do something Amazing this year!!!

Check out the MCRT founders as they travel the world in search of adventure


Between Andrew, Clark, and Campbell the founders of MCRT have covered some serious ground!


In the last year and half our travel schedule has gone completely out of control. It all started with a 3 day camping trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. That desire for adventure was burning in all of us and this showed us how fun it was to experience it together. From there we started ramping it up as quickly as possible. That year we went on a spring break cruise with 40 of our friends. The next year we started our out of control rampage that few other college students could match. In the last year and a half we have: skied in colorado, hammock camped in puerto rico, partied in key west, toured the middle east, trekked in Yosemite, backpacked europe, spent new years in Spain, made business deals in China, dogsledded in Canada, road tripped New Zealand, hung out with the locals in Fiji, island hopped in Thailand, and now are ready to set out for 6 more weeks of adventure backpacking all over europe.

We are way behind on blogging about how awesome each of these were, but here is the home for our adventures. You can read about, browse pictures, and watch videos of our travels!

Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Caribbean Cruise



Exploring Hawaii


Skiing in Colorado

Hammock Camping in Puerto Rico



Partying in Key West


Touring the Middle East


Hiking in Yosemite


Backpacking Europe Round 1


New Years in Spain


Dog sledding in Canada


Business Deals in China

For the full record of the trip check out my China Blog


New Zealand Road Trip

Island Hopping in Thailand

Backpacking Europe Round 2

We hopped from country to country meeting amazing people and seeing beautiful nature all along the way. We covered, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, and Norway. We blogged the whole way so there is much more to come, but here are a few of our favorite pictures. 


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