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Posted by on Feb 11, 2009 in Bars, Northeast, Places To Go, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Big Apple Bars

Bar-hopping is an activity that as college kids we have mastered to perfection.  With smaller towns, it’s easy to hit up that strip of hot spots in one night, spending barely an hour in each.  On the other hand, New York City is a bit different, seeing as how there’s bars all over the place!  I think it would take at least a week or two to hit up every single spot for at least half an hour!  If you’re anything like me, you want a bar that’s more than just a watering hole! No matter what you’re into, I’m here to show you a few of the Big Apple must-see bars! 


Mars 2112

1633 Broadway at 51 St 

If you’re majoring in science and maybe someday want to contact some kind of extraterrestrial life then Mars 2112 is what you’d call ‘the mother-ship’.  Start with a hearty meal from Martian Chef Marc Felix, who’s taken his imagination and knowledge of culinary arts to conjure meals fit for any earthling or alien with taste buds to pamper.  Next up, head to the Mars Bar, decorated to look as if you’re sipping your beverage of choice anywhere but Earth.  With delicious food and drinks to accentuate the already fun atmosphere Mars 2112, where else would you go for a good time that’s out of this world? 


Cheap Shots

Richard A Russell140 1st Ave btw St. Marks and 9th St 

The name says it all and even more!  Imagine the old dart board, mini fridge, and beat-up sofa from your parent’s old basement.  Now imagine it with a bunch of people having a great time and you get Cheap Shots.  Order pitches, shots, and drinks for what seems like prices from ten years ago!  Not to mention the air hockey table is $1 a game – beat that! 


Bowlmor Lanes

110 University Place bwn 12th and 13th St 

Bowling wasn’t as cool when you were 10 as it is now at Bowlmor Lanes.  Boasting a full restaurant, swanky VIP lounge, and upscale bar area.. what else would you call a perfect score?  So down that shot of Patron, lace up your shoes, and try to keep your ball in YOUR lane. 


Slate PLUS

54 W 21st St btw 5th and 6th Ave 

Muscle shirt-clad guys faking a smile as their girls prance around them is what you’ll find at Slate PLUS.  Have no fear, while their girlfriends are busy dancing with their BFFs, the guys can sneak below to a lounge and dance area to chug beer, play pool, ping pong, and even foosball.  Get comfy on the couch or dominate the dance area – it’s your choice! 



Phillip Ritz158 Ludlow St btw Stanton and Rivington Streets 

If Rock and Roll trivia and karaoke is your idea of a fun night try Pianos downtown.  The bar hosts live-music venues, a lounge, and are always well-stocked with whatever your poison might be.  It’s always a party if you’re competing in a KISS trivia battle or blasting your lungs to Don’t Stop Believing!  

No matter where you in New York, a drink is a drink and all that really matters if who you’re with and what you’re doing.  Playing nine ball, beer pong, or singing to Barry Manilow…the Big City will not disappoint!   

By Daryl Nuncio

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