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Posted by on Dec 26, 2008 in Beaches, Places To Go, Road Trips, Spring Break, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Believe the Hype the Keys are Awesome

In a world overrun with advertising and propaganda, it is often difficult to distinguish truth from the absurd. Puffery about this or that being the greatest, biggest, or best constantly barrage you from even the most unlikely sources. You might have heard wonderful things about a product or service only to be let down by the outcomes. Perhaps this has happened to you in a travel situation as well. “You have to see this place…it will blow your mind!” a friend might have said, to your eventual disappointment. Through this cloud of uncertainty, one thing remains true: believe the hype, the Florida Keys are awesome, inspiring, breathtakingly beautiful, and packed with fun.

The Road Trip

Road tripping has always been a staple of United States culture. Whether you are young or old; in college or retired; the calling of the road is unavoidable. South Florida is home to some of the most appealing people, attractions, and natural splendor in the world and the Florida Keys are a major part of this affinity. A trip through the Keys by car is an keys sunset by bigdog3camazing voyage filled with surprise and marvel. Anyone who enjoys astonishing scenery and unlimited amounts of fun should consider making the trip. Even if you have made the journey a dozen times before, there is just something magical about the Keys that always leave you wanting more. From outdoors enthusiasts to party animals; from Key Largo in the north to Key West in the south; this beautiful chain of islands will accommodate any interests.

You can take a ride in a glass bottom boat, peering through eighty feet of crystal-clear water at a majestic coral reef teeming with sharks, tropical fish, and giant rays. Better yet, you can see these wondrous sights face to face by embarking on a scuba diving or snorkeling expedition. You can stay out all night making new friends and partying only to be re-energized by a sunrise over the ocean. Or turn in early and spend the morning fishing or just enjoying the solitude of the beach before the crowds arrive.

It’s Always a Good Time To Go

Nearly everything in the Keys is open year round, allowing you to visit whenever the opportunity to travel might present itself. South Florida has two seasons: the dry season, approximately from November to May; and the wet season, approximately late May to the end of October. Florida offers no guarantees, however, and the weather is as unpredictable as it smathers beach by linksmanjdis beautiful. Hurricane season roughly mirrors the wet season, so please plan accordingly to the best of your ability and never take any unnecessary risks.

Hot, muggy temperatures and stray afternoon showers are a given during the wet season. There is nothing more refreshing than frequent dips in the ocean and icy cold beverages on days like these. If outdoor activities are your passion, the dry season is ideal for camping, kayaking, hiking, et cetera. Rain is seldom and the bugs are bearable to non-existent depending on where you are. Regardless of the season, the Keys will reward you with memories lasting a lifetime.

So go, enjoy this magnificent part of the United States by taking a road trip to the Keys. Indulge in your favorite hobby or find a new one along the way. Remove yourself from the routine of your daily life and most importantly, discover firsthand that the hype is true: the Keys are awesome.

By: Gordon Alford

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