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Posted by on Jan 17, 2009 in December, Event, Places To Go, Road Trips, SEC | 0 comments

The Georgia Dome

Getting to the Dome

Whether it is the Final Four, the SEC Basketball Tournament, or a Falcons Game, the strategy behind having an enjoyable trip to the Georgia Dome is the same.  The key to the dome is your entrance and exit.  If you are coming in from Buckhead, I suggest taking MARTA.  This will allow you to forgo driving your car down and getting stuck in interstate traffic.  This will also allow you to drink more than maybe you would have if you had a car down there as well.  Coming from Buckhead, you need only take any southbound MARTA train to the Five Points Station.  From here you will get off and go one stop on a westbound train to the Georgia Dome.  From this stop, most of the good tailgating will be on the other side of the dome, so you will have to walk a decent ways after the train.

By Car….Beat the ATL Traffic

Now if you decide to drive to the dome, my suggestion is to get off the interstate as soon as possible, and get over to Northside Drive, which is on the west side of the dome.  Most of the good tailgating, including the biggest lots are off this road, so coming in off Northside makes sense.  You will also avoid a lot of traffic by taking this route, as many people come to the lots from the interstate on the east side.

If the weather turns bad and tailgating outside is out of the question, there are a number of places to sit and drink and eat at the Georgia World Congress Center, which is adjacent to the dome.  You can even bring a small cooler of your own food and drink and hangout in the huge lobby if you don’t feel like paying the restaurant prices.

The Area

To the east of the dome is Phillips Arena, where the Hawks, Thrashers, and numerous concerts take place.  Centennial Park and the aquarium are also in this direction, as it is an area Atlanta has worked hard to improve.  So unlike the area surrounding Turner Field, there are other things to do after a trip to the dome if you so choose.  There is a great new sports bar called Stats that is in this area, and also a Ted’s Montana Grill is a short walk to the east of the dome.  The city has done a great job turning this side of the city into a place where people can hang after games, so there should be plenty to do if you are not ready to leave downtown.

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