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Posted by on Dec 27, 2008 in Bars, College Towns, Event, Places To Go, Road Trips, SEC, September | 0 comments

Take a Roadtrip to Clemson

A key part of a good roadtrip is knowing where to party in the city your headed to. If you need an excuse to get out of town, pile in the car and go pedal to the metal to Clemson. There bars are hopping and the atmosphere is awesome. Here is an overview of the top places in town!

Esso Club – The Clemson experience bar.  If you were a tourist in Clemson (don’t think there are too many tourists in Clemson), this would be a place you would have to go.  The Esso Club was opened in 1933 as a gas station where some of the locals would come by and drink beer.  Long story short they eventually quit selling gas all together and converted the entire establishment into a bar.  It is a mix of a bar/restaurant/Clemson athletic museum.  It has great food, cheap shots, plenty of tvs, and cheap beer (have a stockpile of Natty Light and Busch Light).  The Esso has a wide age demographic.  An 80 year old man would feel comfortable ordering beer here on a Thursday afternoon.  At the same time all of the locals seem to drink in harmony with the younger crowd that is in there. esso club by crescibene A perfect place to go to in the afternoon before you go “downtown” Clemson.  You can sit out on the porch in the shadows of the stadium and enjoy happy hour.

Wingin’ It (formerly “Bad Apple”) – Big bar with extremely cheap drafts, lots of tvs, and plenty of room to walk around.  A nice mix of frat guys and independents in here.  If you are looking for a wild time the night before a Clemson game this is the place to go.  It will get crowded and they’ll have some loud fratty music on.  Occasionally they will have some pretty impressive live music in here (Zoso, Blue Dogs, Appetite for Destruction).

Loose Change – This is your local frat dick layer.  If you are extremely fratty and you want to cohort with other extreme fratters then you have found your place.  A smaller bar, but it makes up for all of it’s shortcomings with how fratty it is.  You will hear anything to old 80′s tunes to Widespread Panic.  While it does have a good number of Tvs, I would not recommend this place to go watch a game.

Tiger Town Tavern – One of the better atmospheres in Clemson.  Clemson memorabilia everywhere and a menu that has a sandwich list that has each of it’s sandwiches named after the mascot of all 12 ACC schools.  This place is a great place for fratters to hang out from 6-10 PM and after that it becomes… how you say… very independent.  If you’re not into the whole fraternity thing, this is your place to be on a big going out night.  It gets so crowded that they will have lines around the corner to get in.  If you are under 21 you WILL NOT get into this bar with a fake ID.  Has plenty of pool tables and plenty of TVs.

356 – Huge bar that always has live music.  Frat factor of 10 in this joint.  Also, no tables, booths or chairs to get in your way just a huge open space with a massive bar.  Has kind of a metro feel but don’t be fooled by the decor, this place is a frat haven

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