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Posted by on Apr 11, 2012 in August, Event, Road Trips, September | 0 comments

Pull Over! Nebraska’s 300-Mile Junk Jaunt

Nebraska’s annual Junk Jaunt is a 300-mile road tripper’s fantasy–especially if you know a good deal when you see one. The three-day event, which is always held the last weekend in September, is the perfect weekend getaway for retro collectors, cheap skates and dumpster divers, but you may need a uHaul to pack it all in. Each year, 35 to 40 towns organize individual yard sales with thousands of vendors hawking their goods. The annual event draws tens of thousands of shoppers (and road trippers) from all over the United States.

The Junk Jaunt, which is literally one giant yard sale loop along 300 miles of Nebraska’s highway, requires some planning. You’ll definitely want to get a “Junk Jaunt Shopper’s Guide,” which is available online at Here you’ll find a map, directions and plenty of info on all the vendors (which are real people, by the way–no corporations, here!). The guide will also give you a head’s up on each town’s yard sale vendor “hub.” While some road trips need spontaneity to thrive, I highly recommend circling a few hot spots in the guide instead of “browsing.” This is no Goodwill store…this is a major highway and you’ll want to hit the vendors that advertise the stuff you want!

Whether you collect unicorns, 80s-style lunchboxes, old postcards, typewriters, Felix the Cat posters or car engines, you’re guaranteed to be up to your windows in cheap goods. The Nebraska Junk Jaunt is also the perfect road tripping event to end your summer, and it’s just in time for Fall semester. Decorating your dorm or apartment on a college student’s budget will definitely be a breeze.

By Leah Waldron

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