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Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in College Towns, December, Event, January, Road Trips | 0 comments

NCSU’s Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge

What do doughnuts and running have in common? They join forces to bring North Carolina State University’s Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge, a student-operated race in Raleigh, North Carolina every year in February that raises money for the NC Children’s Hospital. When it started out in 2004 it only had a mere 12 participants; this running challenge has grown to over 7,500 participants. It has easily become one of NC State’s newest and sought out traditions. The Krispy Kreme Challenge has been placed #85 on the “102 More Things You Gotta Do Before You Graduate” by Sports Illustrated.

Yeah, but what do doughnuts have to do with it?
The Krispy Kreme Challenge incorporates running two miles to the Krispy Kreme store located on Peace Street in Raleigh, about two miles from their starting point at NC State Belltower, eating a dozen of the famous Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and then running back. All in ONE hour. Are you up for the challenge? Whether you’re an experienced runner, casual runner or mere spectator, everyone has a great time at this event. No worries, if doughnuts and running aren’t your thing, you don’t have to participate in eating a dozen doughnuts (but come on, a free dozen doughnuts…all for charity?!) Just register as a casual runner. All runners receive a t-shirt or if you sign up as a Support and donate $10, you can get a t-shirt as well. You can register here.

You can also register as an individual or a group. Have a little fun and dress up!
Worried about the calories? It’s 2,400 calories and 144 grams of fat, if you were wondering.

How did this all start?
Back in December 2004, a dozen NC State undergraduates had a great idea to gather in the morning at the Belltower to try out this challenge that started out as a college dare. After it got caught on, they started publicizing the event as the Krispy Kreme Challenge and had its 2nd official one in January 2006. From that year on, NC State has hosted this annual event. Other universities have caught on including Florida State University and University of Kentucky.

The NC Children’s Hospital

After publicizing the Krispy Kreme Challenge, the event coordinators decided they not only wanted to bring people together from all over the country, but also benefit an important cause along the way. They chose The NC Children’s Hospital as their beneficiary. The NC Children’s Hospital is a specially designed hospital that specializes in catering to the needs of children that are sick or injured, along with their families. The hospital also includes a newborn critical care facility, cardiac care unit and a comprehensive cancer center. All proceeds from the Krispy Kreme Challenge are donated to this cause in order to provide the best care and facilities for their parents.

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