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Posted by on Jan 6, 2009 in Event, October, Places To Go, Road Trips, SEC | 0 comments

Let’s Wear a Purple Pimp Suit to an LSU Game!

If you have ever been to a LSU football game, in Baton Rouge or otherwise, you might see a recurring outfit either in the stadium or while tailgating.  I am talking about the purple pimp suits that these people wear.  What the heck is up with that?  I mean, your colors are already the super tough purple and yellow, so why go and make yourself look even more foolish by wearing a purple pimplsu pimp by bargas suit (often even with tiger stripes to boot)?  Fans across the SEC are quick to mock UF fans in jorts, Arkansas fans sporting rat tails, Georgia fans in red pants, or Bama fans in hounds tooth hats, yet the LSU pimp suits seem to get a free pass from everyone.  Maybe Katrina washed away all the khaki shorts and yellow golf shirts in the entire state, which is the only explanation that I see for the popularity of such a lame gameday getup.

But LSU fans aren’t the only ones who make odd choices on Saturday mornings.  Anybody who wears the current NFL jersey of a former player should be shot on the spot.  I am talking to you Vanderbilt fans wearing Jay Cutler Broncos jerseys, what is the logic there?  Say what you will about UT fans and their Peyton Manning obsession, but at least they wear Peyton’s old orange #16, and not his blue and white Colts jersey.  Wait, could I be making history as the first person to ever use UT fans as an example of what to wear to a football game?  Especially when you see that contingent of UT fans wearing orange overalls to games, those are weird.   I could understand wearing orange overalls if you have overalls for a particular vocational purpose, like painting or farming, and just choose to show school spirit by having them orange.  But no, most of the idiots that where orange overalls are prelaw or business students; I guess football Saturdays in Knoxville can bring out the Huck Finn in just about anybody.  Clemson fans also seem keen on the orange overalls.  Maybe there is just an aversion to belts in those two college towns.

And what is with all the hounds tooth stuff at Bama?  Coach Bryant retired in 1982, so if you really want to dress like a guy who was last relevant in the early 80’s, you might as well go to the game dressed as Don Johnson in Miami Vice, at least then you will have something rad for that Kappa Mixer you were almost invited to.

I could honestly go on and on, as no school is immune to the curse of the questionable gameday clothing tradition.  Whether it is a “GO COCKS” t-shirt in Columbia, or a brown dress in Oxford, the SEC is known for some interesting attire on gamedays for sure.  Let me know what you think the strangest tradition is, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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