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Posted by on Dec 25, 2008 in Event, October, Places To Go, southeast | 0 comments

Knob Creek Machine Gun Festival

Dealers and enthusiast come from all over the country to see the machine gun festival, and this provides an awesome opportunity for a road trip. The camping is cheap, the whiskey flows like water, and firing machine guns is always awesome.

This is not a very well known way to spend a weekend, but it should be as it is a blast.  All you need is a tent and a pocket full of cash, and you can roll into Knob Creek, Kentucky and fire off rounds from guns dating back to WWI all the way to contemporary weapons.  If you are really looking to blow it out, you can even spend the fifty cents per round to shoot a fully automatic .50 cal machine gun like the ones mounted on the top of tanks.

There are hundreds of gun dealers and thousands of people roaming around looking to shoot and have fun. On certain days, you can even shoot a flame thrower. I would highly recommend this for a weekend road trip if you are looking to blow off some steam.

Machine Gun by maiacoimbra

You Know if is a crazy event with the official website says this:

“All Visitors enter Knob Creek Property at their own risk. It is public knowledge that pyrotechnic charges sometimes blow debris into the spectator area. Hearing and eye protection are strongly recommended at all shooting areas on Knob Creek Property. Knob Creek Range Inc. will not be held responsible for injuries to you or damage to your personal property while at Knob Creek.”

Find out more at the Official Website

This video is long, but it is amazing:

At least skip to the end and watch the last 30 seconds

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