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Posted by on Nov 4, 2011 in College Towns, Event, October, Road Trips | 0 comments

Halloween on Franklin Street

While Lady Gaga may have recently popularized the idea of dressing up as someone (or thing) else, Franklin Street in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is legendary for accommodating college students’ alter-egos every Halloween. For years, flocks of Marilyn Monroes, Frankensteins, Elvis’, and Peter Pans have tossed their textbooks to the side for this one event that seems to attract everyone in the immediate Chapel Hill area as well as miles beyond.  If you’re close enough to get there, you really have no excuse for missing out on such a reputable event.

So just what does Halloween on Franklin Street entail? Picture everyone in your dorm, plus all the other dorms on campus, along with your cousins and their cousins meeting up to throw one epic party. But seriously, Halloween 2007 reported over 80,000 costumed people storming the street. The city of Chapel Hill has since stepped up their safety and security game and has made it a bit more difficult to accommodate out-of-towners to Franklin Street, but it’s nothing a little planning in advance can’t take care of. So for those of you wishing to participate, just make sure you’re in Chapel Hill a day early or have secured parking somewhere outside of Franklin Street as that area will be completely blocked off to traffic on Halloween.

Halloween on Franklin Street is unlike any other event. There are no formal invitations, no cover fees, and no maximum capacities. There is not a line-up of bands, costume contests, or organized DJ’s, but rest assured that this Halloween party is not lacking a single ingredient. You will most likely never witness such a wide variety of costumes as you will see on Franklin Street. That being said, you may have not a clue as to what some of the costumes are, and you can also be sure that you will see multiple versions of policemen, superheroes, Disney princesses, Adams and Eves. Group costumes are big hits too, and are extremely advantageous to avoid getting lost while navigating through the pool of people.


There really is no specific point or reason for walking around on Franklin Street, but for years it has simply been what everyone has done and there is no doubt that this tradition will carry on for many years to come. Consider Halloween on Franklin Street as being the ultimate mixer: People walking around for hours making memories with old friends and discovering new friends (even if only for the five minutes you talk with them because lets face it, in that crowd the chance of you running in to them ever again are the same as the sky raining meatballs). Don’t forget to bring a camera so you’ll have something to show the grandchildren years from now… and for your own personal reference as well!

You may have missed this year’s big event, but it’s never too early to start planning for next year. The event always held on the actual day of Halloween, regardless of where it falls in the week, so all you need to remember is October 31st. Franklin Street promises nothing but the absolute best Halloween party. So what are you waiting for? Put on your most outrageous costume and join the thousands of others down on Franklin Street.

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