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Posted by on Dec 25, 2008 in Event, May, Places To Go, Road Trips, southeast | 0 comments

Foxfield Races: The Preview to End all Previews

Many of you are Foxfield Races veterans, but perhaps many of you have never been. It’s a huge thing in Charlottesville. But not only does Foxfield appeal to local college students, young professionals and the families that have been doing it for years, it also brings back many UVA Alums, former townies and just those who like to party.

The ongoing joke about Foxfield is that you go to horse races, but you never see the horses. That’s a college joke. If you are out of college, you should see the horses. If you are in college, you need to be too plastered to see the horses, otherwise you haven’t really been to Foxfield.

Foxfield is such a monumental drinking even that people have even written studies about Foxfield and drinking. This study in particular found that 68% of Foxfield drinkers did something negative. Big surprise? I hope not.

I digress. Foxfield Races happen on Saturday April 24, 2010which coincides with International Macaroni Day and the 46th Anniversary of a US Rocket landing on the moon. This is unintentional, but our plot will be celebrating both events.

You have to buy booze, prepare food and really go all out. Trust me, it’s so much cooler to make decent food and impress your friends. You can alway buy fried chicken, but that’s not fun, especially when you have to drive all over town that day.

We’ve prepared some preview questions for you and will be adding more as you include them in the comments.

Foxfield Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Sound Like An Idiot?

Say Foxfield with an S at the end. FoxfieldSSSSS is the WRONG PRONUNCIATION. You are a moron if you do it. Don’t do it. I will slap you if I hear you say it incorrectly. We covered this year in our 2007 Preview of Awesomeness. Read it to get more juicy details.

What Do I Wear to Foxfield?

Ladies: Sun dresses, flip flops, silly hats, sunglasses, pearls, Yurman, Lily Pulitzer (if you want to have the same dress as everyone)

Guys: Pin stripes, khakis, polos, collared shirts, sunglasses, jackets, pinks, boat shoes or flops

What is the 2008 cVillain Drink of Choice?

It’s hard to drink more than 3 Mint Julip’s, so we are going to crown the Mojito, cVillain’s drink of choice. If you don’t know how to make them, come to our plot or practice before the races start.

How do you respond to someone that claims you “are a loser for thinking Foxfield is such a big deal?”

Shoot them.

What is the Piss Trough?

Ah, yes. One of the age old piss trough. This location in the green (waste fest) section is a giant pissing location. Inevitably, it gets clogged and piss remains in the trough and spills throughout the entire shack.

But, at the end of the Foxfield, there is a contest to raise a lot of money. I mean a lot, like several hundred dollars, and then offer this money to the the poor piss drunk bastard to slide across the piss trough in full glory. We will gladly worship anyone who captures this feat on film this year.

Don’t believe that someone is actually that stupid….Watch This!

The Reason You Shouldn’t Get Wasted?

YouTube! Even your grandmother knows how to operate a video camera. Be aware that we covered silly Foxfield videos last year and we will do the same thing again this year.

Why shouldn’t you video tape anyone early on?

Because it’s not Girls Gone Wild. You will get looked at weirdly.

What should I be on the lookout for?

1. Extremely overdressed people. Some people think Foxfield is an event to look ridiculous. Between 3ft wide hats, parrots, oodles of jewelry, people bring too much game. It’s funny and we want picture evidence!

2. Drunk people hooking up. Foxfield isn’t the most private place in the world. If you have the opportunity to visit the orange and green sections, make sure you head over the side of the hill. The chance of finding people having sex is 100%.

3. Mud. If it rains the night before or the day of, Foxfield will start to look like Woodstock.

What Shall I Not Forget?

Sunscreen! You are probably pasty white. Foxfield will have sun and you will end up like a tomato the next day.

Foxfield’s Best Kept Secret?

I’m not going to give you full directions, but if you drive north toward the airport and then go the back way past the reservoir, you will miss most of the traffic. Don’t tell any of the townies I told you this, because they will kill me.

What Kind of Parking Spot Do I Have?

It’s easy.

Orange and Green = Waste Fest

Blue = Graduates of Waste Fest

Purple (Royal Color) = Ballers

Pink = Wannabe/Future Ballers

Here is a map of Foxfield for further reference:

Article Courtesy of cVillian

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