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Posted by on Aug 20, 2013 in Adventure, Beaches, Event, International, January, Mountains, Northeast, Places To Go, southeast, Spring Break, Trip Ideas, West Coast | 0 comments

Fest 300 – A list of the worlds best festivals

MyCollegeRoadTrip gives major props to Fest 300 for putting together a fantastic looking website documenting 300 of the top festivals in the world!


Our need for in-person human connection is a reaction to how obsessed we’ve become with our iPhones and Facebook. While festivals have a history as old as mankind, we’ve hit a tipping point in the magnetic attraction of festivals in the 21st century. My travels showed me that there is a unique “collective effervescence” to be experienced at festivals. Yet, when I looked for a place that documented the most diverse, iconic gatherings and spectacles of our time, there wasn’t one. I wanted to see a beautifully curated site that offered a window into the living human museum of festival life. Hence, Fest300 was born. CHIP

- See more at:



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