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Posted by on Dec 26, 2008 in Beaches, College Towns, Event, February, January, Places To Go, Road Trips | 0 comments

Because Cold Weather Sucks

Picture yourself on a beach drinking a frosty beverage, the sound of waves crashing on the shore and seagulls crying over the gentle breeze. Throw in some tunes, a Frisbee, and your friends and you wonder if life can get any better than this. A perfect summer’s day, but wait: snapping back in to reality, you check the calendar on your phone. It reads January. This makes no sense; you are wearing a bathing suit and sweating in the sun. Welcome to Miami, my friend. You have come primarily for one reason: because cold weather sucks.

While winter engulfs nearly the entire country, you have come to the land of infinite beauty and warmth. Anyone who loves temperatures in the upper seventies or even low eighties in the middle of January will instantly become a fan of South Florida. A road trip to Miami during the colder months will make you lament any temperatures lower than seventy regardless of where you live. Gorgeous weather has the addictive qualities of any vice and when it is time to leave, you will most assuredly feel temperature withdrawal.

The Attraction in Miami

Whether you are enjoying the beach, a fun night out with your traveling companions or a meal at one of Miami’s many curbside restaurants, tmiami beach by bobo1522he only thing warmer than the smiles you will receive is the weather. Of course, there are occasional days when the temperatures are cool, yet compared to other parts of the United States there is very little differentiation in temperature from season to season in Miami. What tends to change is the humidity, which can be a slap in the face as soon as you walk outside during the spring and summer months. During the fall and winter months, however, South Florida remains a tropical paradise and a favorite spot of countless people seeking refuge from the cold- because it sucks!

Most coastal areas of Miami-Dade County offer public access to the beach, stretching from Sunny Isles Beach in the north to South Beach and almost to Homestead in the south. This includes local and state parks and recreation areas as well as general public access. The most popular and crowded areas tend to be in the northern part of the county between Sunny Isles and South Beach, so keep that in mind when planning your trip.

The Beach

Regardless of what beach you decide to visit, they are all pristine with beautifully manicured sand abeach hut by joeshlabotniknd litter free for the most part. Depending on the strength of the winds, the water can be anything from smooth to very choppy with a high risk of rip currents, so be careful and do not take any unnecessary chances if the conditions are less than ideal. MCRT Insider Tip: Most of the public beaches in Miami-Dade County have full-time, year-round lifeguards or ocean rescue personnel during daylight hours standing by to assist you in case of an emergency. Check the flags hanging from their guard towers (with colors similar to a stop light) as they will display the conditions and whether or not getting in the water is a safe bet. Also, check if there are any additional warning flags such as dangerous marine life.

With all this gloom and doom, questions and doubts might be running rampant through your mind. Please do not let that happen and do not be frightened! It is often better to be aware of things as opposed to finding them out the hard way and Miami’s portion of the Atlantic coast is more beautiful than you can imagine. Combing the shore, you might stumble upon washed up sponges or beautiful shells asking to be taken home and put on display. You might see a squadron of pelicans on the prowl for fish, then diving madly head first in to the surf to catch their prey.

In all of this, perhaps you forgot about the cold temperatures back home and how great it is to be away. Enjoy, and know that South Florida is always ready to welcome you regardless of the time or season. Thus, when you are feeling chilly, make the road trip to Miami and warm your soul. If for no other reason, do it because cold weather sucks.

By: Gordon Alford

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