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Posted by on Dec 26, 2008 in College Towns, Road Trips, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Welcome to Miami

When was the last time you stayed out partying until the sun came up? More importantly, when did you last party until the wee hours of the morning only to watch the sunrise over the ocean with a beverage still in hand? If this sounds familiar, then you have already discovered Miami. If not, the city that loves to party all night awaits you. Heed the calling.

If you like to throw down and get crazy with your friends; if you are versed in the latest fashions and styles; if you enjoy good times at all hours of the day, then Miami is your city of choice. Hosts of activities are available to you varying from beautiful beaches to a never-ending nightlife. Hip people of all ages enjoy Miami’s festive and energy-filled atmosphere and celebrities are known to frequent this cosmopolitan metropolis. Exotic cars, beautiful people, and fast times are just a few of the standards Miami has to offer.

South Beach

While there are many areas tnikki beach by joeshlabotnikhroughout Miami known for their excellent nightlife, South Beach stands out as a mecca for those looking to party. By day, the streets are crowded with shoppers, beachgoers, or people enjoying a meal at one of South Beach’s many curbside restaurants. By night, the area transforms into a party the likes of which are unknown to the unprepared visitor. MCRT Insider Tip: Parking can be extremely hard to come by in South Beach, so keep an eye out for a deck offering secure, twenty-four hour parking, and hit the scene on foot.

Endless streams of people looking for a good time fill the streets. With glaring neon and the sound of music thumping from dozens of clubs all at once, your first trip to South Beach can be overwhelming. Some of the world’s premier DJs spin a vibrant mix of everything from Salsa, Trance, Electronic Latin Jazz, to House. Anyone who enjoys dancing will find South Beach irresistible. Even if you do not like to dance, it sometimes spills out from the clubs into the streets, leaving you with no choice but to shake what you have.

Clubbin in South Beach

Although South Beach is a great place to party, it can also drain your bank account within a matter or hours if you are not careful. Club hopping to find the best music or people is a fun and even alluring thing to do in South Beach. Between cover charges (ladies are typically lucky in this category) and drinks at each club, however, a hundred dollars can vanish in a matter of no time. Save your money; be a bargain club hopper and choose the most appealing mango club by eschipulselections from the street instead of running in every door.

If you get bored with the scene and need some fresh air, take a walk on the beach- it is right there! Most of the popular bars and clubs are located directly on the ocean, offering great views and an escape from the commotion if necessary. Seeing the stars or moon reflect off the water is a beautiful sight that will reinvigorate your senses and replenish the energy lost during hours of dancing. The night is not over, though, it is only three a.m.

When the bouncers finally kick everyone out, you do not want to leave, and the last thing you want to do is go to sleep. Miami has options for that sort of thinking. Watching the sunrise, chowing down on some greasy food, finding a late-late night bar or any combination of the above is possible in South Beach.

When your night finally ends, the day has begun and soon it will be time to start all over again. Get some sleep, but be ready to heed South Beach’s call come nightfall and prove that five a.m. is the new midnight in this partier’s paradise.

By: Gordon Alford

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