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Posted by on Dec 27, 2008 in College Towns, Places To Go, Road Trips, southeast | 0 comments

The Hot Spots of Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Nightlife Scene

Here are three of the top bars in Greensboro:

Tap Room – this is a place where all residents of Old Irving Park go to have a drink or to have some of the best bar food in Greensboro.  It is typically not overly crowded and can be a popular spot for people to start out at before heading downtown.  The jukebox at Taproom is easily the best in town.

Speakeasy – Located in same Strip as Taproom, Speakeasy is a spot where many start out before heading downtown.  The crowd at Speakasy has become a little rougher as of late.  It is also a big Boston Red Sox bar where many Greensboro Red Sox fans witnessed there first Championship in forever in 2004.

Natty Greens
– This 3 story bar is located in downtown Greensboro on Elm St.  The 3rd is used exclusively for private parties while the 2nd floor is mostly a bar and the 1st floor is mostly a dining area.  Natty Greens is probably the most popular bar downtown due to their own selection of beers

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