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Posted by on Dec 26, 2008 in College Towns, Midwest, Places To Go, Road Trips, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Staying Active in Austin, Texas

In most cities, the winter makes it difficult to stay active.  However, in Austin it’s the summer heat that can make activity unpleasant.  Austinites have adapted to this challenge and have created a city where people are active all year round.


The hub of activity in downtown Austin is Townlake.

Running / Walking: Townlake has a fantastic earthen footpath which criss-crosses the river via bridges.  One such bridge is famous for the numerous bats who call the bridge home.  Visitors flock to the “Bat Bridge” in the evening to see the bats in flight.  A local running store sets up watering holes along the foot path in the summer so that runners and walkers can remain hydrated.

Rowing:  The Austin Rowing Club caters to those who are experienced rowers and neophytes alike.  There’s nothing quite like gliding across the glassy surface of the lake during the evening hours when the lights in the surrounding hills have begun to twinkle.

Cycling: Lance Armstrong is a fan of the city and the surrounding foot hills – need I say more.  However, those who bike during the summer must be certain to take in plenty of electrolytes and fluids.  One popular biking route is along the 360 Highway because of the wide shoulders lining the road.  However, there are frequent collisions between these cyclists and the motorists exiting the highway at 60+ miles per hour.


There are a number of innovative gyms in the Austin area.  Of course, there are also your typical players such as 24 Hour Fitness and Gold’s Gym, but there are some gyms that are uniquely Austin.

Pure Austin: One such gym is Pure Austin, which brands itself as “an indoor gym for outdoor people.” triathlon by scottandrenee

Locations: Pure Austin has two locations: one in the downtown area and one by Quarry Lake further north.

Quarry Lake is the newest location where members can actually swim in the quarry lake while training for triathlons.  This location has two stories, a climbing wall, and some of the most innovative equipment on the market.

Downtown Location:
The downtown location is much like the Quarry Lake location, but it is only one story and doesn’t have a pool / quarry lake to swim in.  However, members of the downtown location have easy access to the Townlake path and access to more classes.

Bootcamp: One of Pure Austin’s most popular offerings is its bootcamps.  There are bootcamps for brides, bootcamps for people doing their first triathlon, and just good old plain bootcamps.  The beauty of the bootcamp is that it allows Austin residents to get in their workout at 5:30 A.M. so as to avoid the heat.

As is evident, it is easy to stay fit in Austin.  From Townlake to Quarry Lake and from rowing to running, Austin has a buffet of athletic offerings.

By Mary Fall Wade

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