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Posted by on Jul 26, 2011 in College Towns, Stories | 0 comments

Road Trippin’ Tips To Get You To Your Greek National Convention This Year


Most national fraternities and sororities hold Greek national conventions each year, typically in the summertime, for chapter representatives to get to know each other, bounce new ideas off each other, participate in Greek life and fundraising workshops, and well, just get even more excited to be Greek! Air travel has been growing more and more expensive, and although gas is expensive, road tripping usually turns out to be cheaper, especially if you share the costs with your travel mates. Here’s some tips on getting the Greek gang together and piling the car!


•    Plan During The Semester – Greek chapters usually budget for national conventions each semester, and plan out the representatives they’ll send while the semester is still in session. Start talking about the road trip at this time – who’s all up for road tripping, who’s driving, what day/time you’re leaving/returning, that sort of thing.

•    Keep In Touch – The summer speeds by, but commit to keeping in touch with your fellow road trippers at least once per week, whether by email, text, phone, etc. This helps you stay close and gets you excited for the trip!

•    Divvy up the expenses – Share the expenses. A few weeks before the trip, calculate how many miles it will be round trip, and how many gallons of gas the vehicle will need. Multiply this by the average price of a gallon of gas. If you’re staying at a hotel along the way on your trip to the convention, factor this in to the total. Then, simply divide the costs equally.

•    Map It Out – Use Google Maps to print out multiple versions of the route, both to and from the convention. Bring a GPS or download a GPS app on your smartphone, if you’re able, as a backup in case you get a little lost!

•    Prepare For The Unexpected – We hope your travels are only smooth ones, but there’s always the chance that you could get a flat tire, need to stay in a hotel due to heavy storms, etc. Be sure you have extra cash in your wallet, and the assurance of your vehicle’s warranty or a service like AAA.

•    Have Fun! – Road trips are meant to be an absolute blast and memories you’ll have for a lifetime. Ask each person to make a road trip cd or playlist – 80’s songs are mandatory! Play classic (and so simple) road trip games like “Would You Rather”, “Never Have I Ever”, the “truth” side of “Truth or Dare”, the “Alphabet Game”, and more. Believe me, road trip games aren’t just for kids! They’ll make the hours just melt away.

The most important part of planning a road trip to your Greek national convention? Making memories – and showing off that Greek pride! Remember to represent with Greek Keychains and Greek License Plates along every mile of your trip. Have a fun time!

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