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Posted by on Dec 21, 2008 in Beaches, College Towns, Places To Go, southeast | 0 comments

Key West Overview


Key West is one of the coolest destinations in the U.S. I would credit to being one of the few places where you feel like you aren’t even in the U.S., but still have the benefit of being here. Key West is wild, and it really feels like it is still run by pirates instead of the U.S. You can walk around the streets with a beer, yell, and practically fight without getting in trouble. It has the most laid back, anything goes, vibe of anyplace I’ve visited in the country. For those reasons it is an awesome Spring Break destination that thousands of students travel to every year.


Key West has a small airport on the island which the major carriers fly to, but these flights often tend to be pricey.  Another cheaper option is to fly to Miami or Fort Lauderdale and rent a car to drive to Key West.  The drive is about 3-3.5 hours, but it goes from island to island along the keys and is very scenic.  This is actually a great option because it allows you to have a car the whole time you are on the island.  There are also shuttle services that can take you from the Miami airport to Key West and back.

Getting Around

Even though the island is fairly small, everything is pretty spread out.  You probably won’t be staying close enough to walk to the beach, and if you are, then Duval Street might be far away.  Having a car is very worthwhile because it gives you the ability to go where you want without relying on taxis for everything.  If you don’t have a car, then scooters are another popular option.  Lots of people rent scooters, and you can find rental companies everywhere.  Bicycles can also be easily rented.  Taxi service is very efficient in Key West.  On Duval Street, they are easy to hail, and they are quick to pick you up if you call.

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