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Posted by on Oct 4, 2010 in April, College Towns, March, Road Trips, SEC, Spring Break, Stories | 0 comments

Day Fratting – The Classiest way to Spend your Day!


A Ridiculous and funny article in the VU student paper

Everyday Entertainment: Day Fratting



Warm and sunny summer weather means all sorts of good things. For children, it is time to frolic on the playground and chase the ice cream truck. For parents, it is time to lower the dose on their Xanax because their children are out of the house and are causing them considerably less stress as thoughts of violence are fewer and farther between. For Vanderbilt students, it is time to embrace and frolic in our own playground — the frat porch.

This past Saturday found Nashville at 78 degrees and without a cloud in the sky. Fraternity social chairs had anticipated this weather (clever boys!) and planned all sorts of wonderful events — outdoor concerts, slip-and-slides and “wine mixers” (read: Franzia and a vandalized boat).





Sorority shades donned, sundress selected and not-so-premium vodka and Crystal Light mixture stirred, I found myself happily gallivanting down frat row engaging in respectable and mature activities including but not limited to: Pushing scantily clad males down muddy pieces of tarp they have deemed a “slip-and-slide,” spraining my wrist while engaged in a fist-pumping contest with a particularly aggressive stranger, being hoisted atop fratstar’s shoulders to rock to the familiar and beloved tune of “Wagon Wheel,” helping a friend put freshly-grilled hot dogs in her purse “for later” and yes, chasing an actual ice cream truck down Kensington Place. And demanding to pay with the Vandy Card. Note to partiers: The ice cream truck does not take the Vandy Card.

In the midst of these activities, while whipping out my phone to check on updates from friends (“PorchhHHhhh….yoOouuUuU?”), I was lucky enough to receive a (personalized) email from our dear Entertainment Editor asking if I would be interested in writing an article about day fratting. (Thanks for thinking of me, Charlie). Blackberry in one hand and Natty Light in the other, I scoured the party asking friends and interesting-looking strangers for their insight. The questions? “What is your favorite thing about day fratting or your best day fratting memory?” Somehow the friends who were more than willing to be quoted this weekend now wish to remain anonymous, but I think with some educated guesses we can identify several culprits.

A collection of favorite answers:

“I am forgoing running the half marathon I have been training for all semester to go to SAE Crawfish Boil.”


“It really has no boundaries … you can do whatever you want. There’s sunshine, beer, beautiful women in sundresses and cowboy boots [pronounced wink] …Vanderbilt wouldn’t be the same without it.”

“Anything that Jack Butler does.”

“The fact that you can drink before 5 p.m. and no one calls you an alcoholic … Nik … do you think I’m an alcoholic?”

“Big Daddy’s naked ass peeing over the ledge mid-party.”

And the truest answer of all:

“Babe … I don’t day frat to make memories.”

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