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Posted by on Jan 23, 2009 in Beaches, College Towns, Places To Go, Road Trips, southeast, Spring Break, Trip Ideas | 0 comments

Chucktown: Enough Said – A Guide To Charleston, South Carolina

Is it Chucktown or Chuck Town? That debatable question probably depends on whom you ask. Whatever the answer might be, know that the name definitely does not refer to Charleston or Charlestown, West Virginia (the normally friendly folks from Charleston, South Carolina do not like it very much when you make that mistake). Now that that is clear, something else you should know is that Chucktown has everything you need and more. Great food, shopping, and outdoor activities are just a few draws the city has to offer. Do not forget about Charleston’s beautiful architecture, nightlife, and numerous historical activities to enjoy when you visit. It does not matter if you have been here a dozen times before, Chucktown has it all: enough said.


The MarketPsychoCemia
Left Blue In Black and WhiteAndreJenny

Charleston is a superb walking town, so ditch the car somewhere safe and explore the city on foot. The City Public Market has been a Charleston staple since the nineteenth century and a major attraction for tourists and locals alike. This open-air galleria is home to vendors ranging from jewelry makers to sellers of fresh produce and everything in between. Because the market is open everyday, you will have the opportunity to check it out no matter when you visit. When you are finished at the Market, stop in for some low-country cuisine at any of the nearby restaurants. If you have never had it before, order some shrimp and grits. If this combination sounds awkward, that is even more reason to try it; you will not be disappointed.


The Harbor

After you stuff yourself, walk it off by heading over to the battery area along Charleston Harbor. Stroll along the wharf and admire the picturesque waterfront and the beautiful, southern-style mansions. If you enjoy history, take a tour of Fort Sumter National Monument located in Charleston visionsbycatHarbor and see firsthand where the Civil War began. In addition, a good thing to keep in mind is that the battery area is a great place to watch the sunset depending on the time of year.Because there is so much to do, a trip to Chucktown should be at least two or three days long. You could easily spend a full week here and barely scratch the surface of what Charleston has to offer. If you enjoy outdoor activities, spend part of the day biking across the magnificent Ravenel Bridge to the Patriot’s Point area. If you do not have a bike or it is too inconvenient to bring it along, rentals are available for a nominal fee. The ride across the bridge is spectacular and gives you a great view of the city and surrounding area. Patriot’s Point is home to the Battleship Yorktown as well as several parks and various other attractions, making it a great place to explore. Biking through Charleston is an option as well, but because the streets can be very narrow and congested, walking is probably your best option.


Shopping Is King


When you are tired of peddling, appease the other half and head over to King Street, where shopping connoisseurs will love the numerous boutiques and designer stores. If you did not come prepared for a well-dressed night out, consider buying some gear because when the sun goes down, Charleston tends to dress up- especially on the weekends and holidays. No worries, though; Chucktown might look nice after dark, but do not expect to find the pretention of cities like Washington, DC. That southern charm shines through in every possible way in the low country!

Hence, when you are looking for the perfect place to visit, take a road trip to Chucktown. With a seemingly endless list of attractions, this historic city offers everything you need and more: enough said.


By: Gordon Alford

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