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Posted by on Dec 13, 2008 in blog | 0 comments

Two Areas of Town with Hundreds of Resorts

There are two main areas of Cancun: Isla Cancun and Cancun City. Isla Cancun is home to most of the resorts in the area along its 16 miles of gorgeous beaches. This area also has a lagoon that is home to boating and waterskiing. Across the main Playa Linda Bridge is CancĂșn City. It is home to tons of buildings and some lower budget hotels. No matter where you are staying makes sure to find out whether or not they are spring breaker friendly before booking.

There are way too many resorts to list. The main instruction is to define your budget and to choose between the Beach side, bay side, or the cheaper Cancun City. Tons of these resorts are all-inclusive which if done right can make your spring break amazing.
        Bayside Hotel

        Cancun Plaza

        Cancun Palace

        Carisa Y Palma

              Dos Playas

        Grand Royal Lagoon

        Oasis America

        Krystal Cancun and NH Krystal Cancun

        Dos Playas

        Maria de Lourdes


        Oasis Palm and Oasis Cancun

        Grand Cancun

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